Friday, 31 July 2009

my new love.

i was on my way to my holiday on wed morning. packing and stuff and i realized i had no cotton to remove my very chipped nail polish. so i dragged myself (and a very reluctant boyfriend) to guardian pharmacy. just as i was walking by the Maybelline display, i was struck.

they had a new mascara out.

ok quick history: i am obsessed with mascara. its my make up crutch. the one thing that i have to have on. without it my face feels so blah. yes. told u i'm obsessive. ;P

yes so Maybelline had a new mascara and immediately, i felt my body being turned around sharply and pushed towards the cotton.

the annoyances of having a strong boyfriend.

well. me is a sneaky one. while he was paying the bill, i rushed over and tried the new wand.

oh-my-goodness. it was so GOOD. i am serious. i normally never blog about products i use coz i assume they just work on certain people and no one can use the same products all over.... but this mascara is sooo good i just have to.

Maybelline UNSTOPPABLE curly extension waterproof, full length curling mascara.

ladies, i tried it on and it was soo easy to apply coz of the shape of the brush. and my my my.. my eyelashes looked so long... i battered them all day. (causing my boyfriend to double into laughter. sheesshhh.... jahat.)

and guess what. its really really waterproof. of all the mascara's i've bought.. when i go swimming, they smudge. this one stayed. even when i used my cleanser on it. IT STAYED. only when i used remover did it wash off. AMAZING.

so i put it to the ultimate test. i used it on my holiday. i applied it in the plane. left it on. showered, swim, shower, swim, before dinner just a few light strokes. next day, still there!!!

and this went on for 5 days!!! it never smudged!! AMAZING.

the only downside is that its tough to take off if u don't have make up remover. but other than that. WOW. i had it on for 5 days and it didn't irritate my skin, my lashes looked full and long. PLUS it gave me amazing photos on the beach.

sigh. :)

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