Friday, 29 April 2011

How to Hide Heavy Hips

Being "Bootylicious" isn't all the fun Beyonce makes it out to be. Trust me, i bet Beyonce's stylist has a harder time than Heidi Klum's stylist.

For a woman with bigger hips and bum, finding a skirt, top or jacket that fits her frame can be a challenge. Many of these curvaceous women have pear shapes, which means they have narrow shoulders and larger hips.

A pear shaped figure is not something you should complain about; instead you should embrace your awesome curves and celebrate them with the right clothes.

Credits: Jaimie Zinski, eHow Contributor


  1. 1
  2. Wear dresses that are tighter on the top and flow out toward the mid-section, such as an empire-waisted dress. Stay away from dresses that are made from clingy material, such as polyester and dresses that contain embellishments around the hip area. Embellishments, if any, should be focused around the neckline, sleeves or the empire waistline to distract the attention away from your hips. Take a cue from a golden girl.


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      Avoid wearing any top or bottom with horizontal stripes. These accentuate the width of a woman's hips, making them appear larger than they really are. Check out this picture below. Need i say more?
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      Choose a pair of pants that have wide legs, hang just below the belly button and are a dark color, . All of these will accentuate a woman's curves without making the hips appear too large. Stick with jeans that are a darker wash as well. The dark coloring will help create the illusion of slimmer hips.

      When wearing darker colors, you can experiment with cuts as the color itself will camouflage heavy hips.

      With pants, its all about the balance. If you are wearing a lighter colored pant, make sure the cut allows your hips to look proportionate to the rest of your legs.
      Avoid pants that have a lot of details or ornaments at the back as this will highlight your big hips and you will be having opposite effect of what you desire to achieve.

    • 4
      Choose blouses, tops and jackets that have embellishments and bold patterns. These will draw the eyes upwards toward the top half of the body. Looser flowy tops in light weight materials will do justice as well as they will help create an illusion of proportion between your upper body and your hips.

      When it comes to tops, Length is everything. You want to pick out a top that hugs your figure but hits you right in the middle of your bum or lower ONLY. Do not pick mid riff tops or shorter tops. These will only emphasize your bigger hips.

      Layering works as well. A loosely wrapped cardigan or jacket that hits just below the bum or longer will help hide your problem area. However, make sure the more flowy ones are belted at the waist to give avoid looking bigger than you really are!!

      Again as with dresses, when choosing a trench, make sure the tightest part is your upperbody and it has lines that fall to flatter your figure.

    • 5
      Avoid wearing clothing that is too large. Many women believe that baggy clothing will hide larger hips. In actuality, baggy clothing makes hips look larger than their actual size. Wear well fitted clothes. But please remember, tight does not mean skanky. It means well fitted. Pick classy tight pieces that hug your figure and accentuate your curves. Not make them IN-YOUR-FACE.

    • 6
      Wear accessories, such as a scarf, earrings or a bracelet. These will draw attention towards those areas of the body and away from the hip region. But remember, if you are choosing belts, only choose belts that sit on your waist, the smallest part of it and make sure the lines after that flare out. You Do no want a hipster belt. It will only draw most attention to wider hips.

      After writing this post, i am so inspired to write more posts for these Bootylicious babes. So this is just a first post. I will be writing more posts with more details soon!! Keep a lookout!!

      love, sash

Sunday, 24 April 2011

She's wearing the same dress!!

I've always been very intrigued about the social situation that is created when you see another girl walk into the room wearing the same dress u have on. Movies & Sitcoms have made us believe that above all, this is, the worst thing that could happen in your life.

Pffttt. Puh-Lease.

I Googled "What to do when someone else is wearing the same dress as you" and this is one of the posts i found. Now this really irritated me. As much as i try very hard not to judge, sometimes, in situations like this, people leave me no choice.

If you think about it, without all the rules and regulations of fashion created by the media that has successfully been implemented in our lives without realization, (dare i say it?) A dress is JUST A DRESS ladies.

*I think i just heard a million people scoff and close this window*

:) Think about it. A dress is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. Its supposed to hug the right places, show the right amount of skin and be in the color that suits you best. Its supposed to help you feel Good about yourself. The same garment, SHOULD NOT BE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DEPRESS YOU. For gods sake, if it had that kind of power, we should swap our Religious Leaders for our Fashion Designers.

So here are some tips on what you should be doing if a girl walks into the room wearing the dress u have on.

1) Point it out to your girlfriends

Yes. Point out the girl with the dress on to your girlfriends and smile about it. Make sure they know that you're okay with it and they will, if they are worthy friends, quickly reassure you how much more amazing you look in it. If you just pretend to not notice, this will quickly become an awkward situation.

2) At some point, catch the Girls eye and smile dazzlingly.

Trust me, she probably already noticed you and done No 1 with her friends. Now, you're at the crucial stage where you could both either have a good time, or have some hostile negativity about wearing the same thing on. By smiling at her, you're showing her that you noticed her but you just wanna make the best of this situation.

3) Go introduce yourself.

Think of it this way, if someone else is wearing the same dress as you are, she has the same amazing taste in fashion as you do. You definitely have to get to know her right? Go introduce yourself and pass her a compliment on her taste and style.

4) Now use the situation to your advantage!!

People love confident people. By taking charge of the situation positively, you have instantly become way more attractive to everyone (ahem, the hot men). Use the same dress situation to meet new people (her friends) or to start off conversations.

5) Finally, make sure you take some awesome pictures !! :)

So remember ladies, no matter how many people or who is wearing the same dress as you in the room, you can make the best of it!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Women's Hair Styles; What the Men say.

Long locks make waves while short hair is less sexy, say men

Men find long, wavy locks the sexiest hair style on a woman, according to a new poll. The feminine look, sported by X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole and TV presenter Kelly Brook came top with a staggering 43 per cent of men voting it their sexiest hairdo.

.Jennifer Aniston's long straight do came second in a poll of the sexiest haircuts, while Rihanna's classic bob was deemed the third sexiext haircut by men.

Straight mid-length styles, similar to Gwyneth Paltrow came fourth while the pixie crop, famously sported by Victoria Beckham finished the top five.

Cheryl Cole

Kelly Brook Photos

Jennifer Aniston


Gwyneth Paltrow

 Victoria Beckham seen walking in the Meat Packing district, New York,

Long hair is traditionally strongly linked to femininity which we're sure is the reason that almost half of men have singled out this long, thick, wavy hair as their number one sexiest style. Despite men choosing long, natural looking wavy hair as their top style, most women would have to create this style using styling tools as not many are naturally blessed with these lovely locks.

Katie Holmes

Funnily enough, Men prefer Gwyneth Paltrow's mid-length straight style to Victoria Beckham's pixie crop, but they prefer Posh's crop to Katie Holmes's bowl haircut.

It's interesting to see that men still favour the traditional stereotypical looks for women, with long hair coming out on top despite the massive popularity of shorter styles like the Pob (as Victoria Beckham's bob came to be known, an amalgamation of Posh and bob) and Agyness Deyn style crops with women.

Surprisingly though, men claim to prefer the natural look when it comes to styling, with more than a third saying they hate it when women have perfectly groomed hair.
best tressed
Men also appeared to have a strong preference for shiny hair - with 72% billing it as sexy over hair without gloss.

Karen Moore added: "While men strongly favour the soft, natural, touchable styles over smarter, groomed looks, little do they know that these long luscious curls and straight sleek styles are often the ones which take the most effort to achieve.
Girls should also take note when styling their do, not to overdo the styling products as 79 per cent of guys admitted to loving running their fingers through ladies' locks.

This could explain why half of guys also said they like girls who wear their hair down rather than in a smart up-do.

The poll also discovered that 80 per cent of blokes reckon you can tell a lot about a girl from her hair style, but 18 per cent admitted they rarely notice if a girl changes her locks.

And a quarter would never be brave enough to give an honest opinion of a new hairstyle.

So is it time for the extensions yet ladies? ;)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Don't be a Fashion Control Freak!

What is a Control Freak?

control freak is a derogatory term for a person who attempts to dictate how everything around them is done

So a fashion control freak

A Foxydy term for a person who has to constantly dictate what they wear to ensure people see them in a certain way. 

When i watch fashion TV shows and movies, i find that the media constantly portrays women as having to look perfect all the time. How stressful

What is it about the fashion world that makes women constantly believe that what they wear is the most important thing? I have friends who are such fashion control freaks, they don't allow people to see them unless they are dressed perfectly up to their standards. So basically, goodbye spontaneity

It doesnt matter what you wear. It isnt the most important thing at all. Its who you are and who you want to be. So quit worrying!! Dont be a control freak!! 

Below are things that i have told myself in the past not to worry about! 

1. its okay for people to see you without make up

Ladies, we weren't born with make up (no matter how heavenly that mascara makes your eyes look). And everyone knows that you weren't. There really isn't any point in trying to always having make up on before meeting people.  Its just un-necessary. 

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the greatest beauty. 

2. its okay not to get a wax sometimes

Don't constantly fret about the hair on your body. Truth be told, most people don't even notice these things as much as you think they do. 

Of course, if you do have excessive body hair, then get it removed. But only if you want to. Don't let people pressure you into these things. Trust me, hair removal is a painful process. So if you don't want to do it, but are getting that wax to please someone else, don't do it. 

3. its okay not to wear heels

Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT have to live in heels to be fashionable. I think i have preached enough on this topic. 

4. its okay to thrown on your comfy/fugly sweatpants/top/etc, etc

I have teddy bear pajamas. No kidding. Ive had them for the longest time. During the time when i was living with the ex, i always wanted to go to sleep wearing something that at least look stylish. that was me being a fashion control freak. 

But then i realized, i really missed my teddy bear pajamas, and one day, i just wore them to bed. After a whole lot of laughing and telling me how cute i was, i finally got over the fear that, if i wore something as horrendous as my pajamas, he would instantly be repulsed by me. Honestly, i think he loved me more for it. ;)

5. its okay to wear the same thing twice, with the same people

When i stand in front of my closet, i sometimes fret about what these bunch of friends have seen me in before.  I wont lie.Friends do remember what you have worn. Especially if they are girlfriends. But the important thing to remember is, they don't judge you for it. True friends don't care if you're wearing the same thing everyday! They only make a note of it. And after seeing you wearing the same thing 5 times in a row, they may suggest a shopping trip ;)

So take it from a recovering fashion control freak ladies, life is much better when you just let it be. 

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Whiten Your Teeth For Free

How often have you seen celebs with their million dollar smiles and said to yourself (quietly of course)
"i bet her dentist sends her a fat bill"

tsk tsk tsk. so jealous. Its okay. I admit to such behaviour.
Whitening treatments at the dentist can cost a bomb. Don't blow a hole in your pocket each time you want whiter teeth. Try this home remedy instead. Get results for free!
NOTE: As with anything else, you should always contact your physician or dentist before trying any home remedy
How can I get whiter teeth for free?
Don't spend your hard-earned money on expensive teeth whitening kits! Get the very same results absolutely free. Don't pay a high office call to go to the dentist and get your teeth professionally whitened! You can have white teeth with things that are probably just sitting in your medicine chest or kitchen cupboard. Don't bother with those gel packs that you have to leave on your teeth. Don't buy that expensive mouthwash for smokers! You have everything that you need to brighten and whiten your teeth right in your own home. Remember that this is free and it works.
Do I have these items in my house?
All you need to whiten your teeth are simple household products. Ok, first go to the kitchen. Open the cupboard where you keep your baking supplies. Do you have baking soda? You probably do.
Spoon about two teaspoons of baking soda into a little bowl or cup. Now, travel over to the nearest bathroom. Open the medicine chest. Do you have hydrogen peroxide?
You probably have this common household item, too.
How do I make this paste?
Drop two or three teaspoons (this may not be exact) of the hydrogen peroxide into the baking soda, making a paste. This sometimes takes a little trial and error. Be sure it is the same consistency as toothpaste. If you wish, you can add a bit of mint flavoring or even a small dollop of toothpaste.
How do I use this free whitener?
Brush your teeth with your mixture, being sure to leave it on your teeth for at least two minutes. Do NOT swallow this paste! Trust me, you wouldn't want to swallow it- the taste is not the best. To make the paste taste better, try to use the above tips. This will help to make the taste a little bit tastier.
What should I do after using this paste?
After you finish brushing with this free paste, brush again with regular toothpaste to rid your mouth of the taste as well as the peroxide solution. You will be amazed at just how white and bright your teeth will be! Many smokers and heavy coffee drinkers use this little trick.
I have a dental condition. Should I try this whitener?
Beware that if you have open sores, cavities, gingivitis, or other gum diseases this may make your gums appear white for a short time. This may not be the whitener for your teeth if they are very sensitive. As with anything, you should consult your doctor or dentist before trying this or any other medical treatment.
How often can I use this paste?
• This treatment can be done weekly, monthly, or whenever you want extra bright teeth!
• You shouldn't brush with this mixture more than once per week.

List of Items Needed
• 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide (the amount may vary depending on family size)
• 2 teaspoons of baking soda (the amount may vary depending on family size)
• Optional (A small amount of toothpaste or drop of mint flavor may also be added.)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Group Buying; the smart girl's way to shop.

My brother was recently going on about how he bought a RM80 meal for RM20 and i was fascinated that he managed to even get a discount on that!! I was very impressed.

That was until he told me about group buying (and then my amazement at him vanished ;) and the new way to shop online. I know we are all so used to online buying by now that some of us can buy shoes online without batting an eyelid.

But group buying is simply awesome. This is how to works:

How Everyday Coupons Works?

1. We negotiate a bulk buy deal with Merchant.
Our business development crew negotiate for best deals. How do we obtain 50% and above discount? It is actually a bulk purchase discount by guarantee that a minimum number of purchase.
2. The deal is posted.
We advertise the great deal to our members & readers to purchase in the form of online coupons. With the power of collective buying, we work hard to achieve the minimum target set by retailers. Due to the fact that the deal is too good to be true, the deal sale is only for 24 hours - 72 hours.
3. Call Merchant to ask a question.
If you are interested to know more about the deal, you can call the retailer directly to enquire more about the coupon offered.
4. Buy Everyday Coupons
To purchase the coupon, you need to pay the coupon in advance with your credit card or using online bank transfer. We support offline banking or ATM cash debit too.
5. Get your friends & Family to buy
Now, all you have to do is wait till the minimum target (coupon sold) is reached. Once the target is reached, the deal is on and your card will be charged.
6. Receive Everyday Coupons via Email
After the coupon sale ended, we will be sending you the coupon by email to be printed out. A copy of coupon are store in your online account for safe keeping just in case you lost your coupon.
7. Enjoy Everyday Coupons you bought
Print out the coupon and redeem your coupon at retailer's address. Enjoy your discount.


Now, as much as they have these deals for almost everything, THIS IS A FASHION BLOG! The reason i decided to write about this on Foxydy is coz, after much pain staking research, (and an experiment purchase) i realized, that this is probably one of the best ways to buy beauty & pampering treatments for all you fashionistas out there ;)

Check out my experiment buy:

Hahah Deal: [61% off] Get beautiful skin with a 2 hours of Full-leg Waxing + Full-hand Waxing + Whitening Back Scrub + Underarms Whitening + Eyebrow threading for only RM 65 instead of RM166 at FACES Hair & Beauty Saloon, Bangsar. Hahah Rewards Multiplier: FREE Express Manicure worth RM25 after a total of 30 transactions! ( PS: yes, i got the free manicure too! Woot!!!)

thanks to (awesome site, check it out.)

This way of buying really seems to be the cheapest way to pamper yourself. The deals on the spas, massages, manicures, pedis, haircuts etc etc etc are; in simple words, freaking fabulous.

The sites offer big discounts on beauty treatments all the time. Why spend full amounts when you can buy on discount? The terms of the deals are great too. The vouchers are valid for at least a few months, they are transferable amongst people (good for gifts) , and above all, so easy to purchase. :)

So go ahead girls, (and guys ;) start saving your hard earned pennies by group buying!

Below is a list of links of Malaysian Group Buying sites. Have fun!! :)

Happy Cheap Buying!!! :)