Monday, 27 December 2010

what the boys think. :)

sometimes when i see a fashionable girl on the streets, i say.. "wow that's so cool... "

but my boyfriend snorts and says.. "what is she wearing la? so weird wan... why her make up like dat??"

which made me think. how differently guys view things from girls. guys basically don't get fashion. we all know that don't we? they seem to lean towards conventional, pretty girls rather than independent, harsh fashionable looks.

mungkin they feel threatened? *sniggers.. *

but really.. take a look!!

"Her makeup enhances her features but it still looks really natural. Not like she has put too much work in. Plus, her shiny lips makes me want to kiss her." —Kevin.

"She has way too much makeup on and it's hard to kiss a girl when she's wearing all that lipstick." —Kevin. (Kevin just really wants to kiss her... hahaha)

"I love the smoky-eye look — it's so sexy. Plus she looks so fresh like she just rolled out of bed" (yea right!!) —Eric.

"Her eye makeup looks scary here, like she's from the movie Blade Runner." Kinda like a robot. Its so unnatural which is scary. like a kid drew on her—Eric
"I like the way her bangs frame her face and it doesn't look like she put a lot of effort into hair, which is a good thing. It makes me wanna play with her hair.. " —Erik.

"This look is too severe and deliberate for me. I prefer something softer." —Erik.

"This looks very natural and pretty. The soft curls are so sexy." —Ian.

"The hair reminds me a bit of Marge Simpson and looks like it has a lot of product in it. Yuck. " —Ian.

"An updo is nice if it's simple and elegant like the one in this picture." —Jeff.

"This hairstyle makes her look really severe and unapproachable." —Jeff.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry X'Mas

Hey babes,

I am still in Bali but writing this early to ensure you girls are having fun.

Just a few quick tips for the holidays.

1) Always eat before you start chugging the alchol. Helps keep you stable.

2) Don't dress like the Christmas tree

3) Nor santa.

4) Always remember your lip gloss. You will need it many times during this season. First because of all the food and drinks, Second because of the mistletoes. :)

5) And lastly, wear comfortable shoes!!! Tis the season to be jolly. not cranky coz your feet hurt.

Love and hopes you have a happy x'mas!!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Some of my old work

This is an old post i wrote. Till today, i haven't been able to not do everything on this list. eep.


the biggest shopping mistakes!!!

recently watched confessions of a shopaholic!! (loves the movie btw.. the fashion was awe.some) my dad (yes he watched the movie too!) made so much fun of me after the movie that it was getting quite annoying really. anyhoos.. as i watched Ilsa (the lead) walk down the street unable to stop herself from buying something... i sunk into my chair.. and realized.. yea.. at heart.. i am a Rebecca Bloomwood...
so i looked long and hard to finally come up with a pretty good list of shopping don'ts.. (sighhhsss... )


go with your gut instinct. Don't talk yourself into an outfit that isn't flattering to your frame. No matter how good the shop assistant says it looks. remember.. she's probably getting a cut!! if you feel the clothes don't fit then don't buy them. How you feel in the outfit will portray on your face. so regardless of how popular and trendy the outfit is, if you think its yucky... it'll probably look yucky too..


It is one thing to go shopping with your girlfriends because that can be very social and enjoyable but keep in mind don't shop with a competitive friend because she will cajole you into buying more and possibly unflattering items weather or not you need it.


If you need to power shop remember to bring a list. This can help focus your attention and keep you on task. Sort of like a horse with the blinders. :)

Nothing good will come from buying uncomfortable shoes regardless of how fabulous they are.


Don't buy something you don't need because it is a fantastic sale price. I know we have all done this but it is a waste of money and closet space.


Don't buy on impulse. Ask yourself the following questions when deciding if to buy. Do I need this? Does it fit with my lifestyle or wardrobe? Where am I going to wear this? one rule i practice is to put the buying on hold and if i'm still thinking about it at the end of the day -buy it :)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

will be off on holiday


I will be off in Bali where i shall soak up the sun and the salt.

Will see you in 2011!!


Monday, 20 December 2010

make up. yes or no?

So many people i know really are not too fond of the idea of makeup. For some reason, make up has gotten itself a bad name and an even worse reputation.

I don't understand why though. I love make up. I love experimenting with the colors, the textures and the brands. But speaking to some people i know, apparently a common thought is that make up is "too much".

Here are some of the reasons i could compile (based on actual results of questioning).

a) i like the natural look better
b) the make up makes people look like a ghost
c) no need to be so fancy la. this is who i am
d) guys like a girl with a plain face better than one with make up
e) if he wants to date me, he better know how i actually look.

i applaud these reasons. Honestly. I think they are signs of a strong confidence.

If they actually were true.

I am beginning to think, that although these people have a point, make up has been taken to come sort of extreme and distorted to become some what evil with direct implication of the girl being bimbo or even ugly.

how often have you heard one of your snarly friends say

"ask her to wash her face then you see la"
"wahh, how early she wake up to put on all that make up ah?"
"she needs the make up lahh"

i'm a bit torn. While i love dressing up and trying different looks, with so many people commenting on how useless and how little they care for make up and fashion, i sometimes find myself dressing down or maybe trying to fit in a little more.

Not that they have commented how terrible i look. Its mostly the opposite. But somehow, when you know you have different habits and thoughts when so many dislike something, don't you wonder too?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

why wear specs if you don't need em?

i met up with some friends recently for drinks and i was wearing my glasses as i had a minor mishap with my contact lenses earlier that day.

and as soon as i sat down, they both stared at me in a funny way (they haven't known me very long, and its a work turning friendship, so they haven't exactly seen me at my "best"(hair pulled back, wearing my Winnie the Pooh t-shirt and glasses).

So i ignore them until one goes...

umm Sash, do you really wear glasses? or are those fake?

excuse me? nothing on me is fake as far as i know.. hahaha

Which lead to the conversation of how people wear glasses as fashion accessories. Now don't get me wrong. I will not be hypocritical and claim that i think accessories are silly.
However, i do find wearing glasses as accessories, silly.
Ladies, we wear glasses because, as much as we denie it, we have a disability of bad eyesight. Its a curse to come out of the shower and grope around for your glasses. Its a curse to squint and try to read some thin when all you can see is blur lines..

Wearing glasses is caused by the curse of having poor eyesight. Why would you want to even pretend you have such a disability? To me, thats like walking with crutches when your legs are working just fine.

These are times when i believe Fashion is taken a bit too far.

But then there are the celebs who genuinely need glasses and rock the look so well, its become a part of their style.

Now that's fashionable.

Monday, 13 December 2010

short short. shorts.

I have a friend who loves her shorts. She wears them everywhere. Home, Shopping, Dinner, Family Functions.. as you can tell, her fashion sense seems to revolve around her shorts.

But often we wonder, how short is too short? I have written about general lengths before in my article, "how short is short". But what is the rule for shorts?

Its a little tough i find, to pick a pair of shorts and tell of they will immediately fit you. I have been blessed/cursed with an indian butt. Which means, while i have a decent waist size, the snobby lady at the counter still sneers at me and says

" your size not s lah darr-lingg. try M or L lohh"

not great for the ego. Trust me. this is how anorexia and bulimia starts in young girls.

back to topic. Finding a pair that fit well is a matter of trial and error. However, i do have some small tips.

1) The waist band should be sitting comfortable below your belly button. If it is pressing you down when you sit, try a bigger size.

Shorts should fit so they do not constrict your movements in any way.

Argh. Where was the snarky sales lady this time?

2) The butt area should fit snugly. Not so tight that your shorts could be giving you a wedgie like outlook.. front and back.
Camel toe. Yes, thats whats its called.

And this is a classic wedgie.

3) The length is crucial. Find a pair that looks decent even as you bend down to pick something up. Shorts are a great way to look sexy and casual. But most of the time, girls tend to think, the shorter the hotter. Not REALLY. Good fitting shorts are way hotter than micro shorts.


young hollywood starlet

4) Wear them to the right occasion. Ladies, we live in Malaysia. We all share different cultures and value systems. Shorts are only now becoming a (debatable) accepted item of cl
othing. So be considerate when picking an occasion to wear your shorts. My Indian Grandfather would freak out if one of his granddaughters wore shorts anywhere. So be respectful of people and their values. :)

If you need to wear shorts, take a cue from these sexy, classy ladies who know how to rock fashion to match their bodies.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

japanese fashion. x{

Many Japanese teens are trying to stand out from the crowd since there are so many of them that look the same. These guys are maybe taking it just a bit too far, aren’t they? Colorful outfits, crazy combining of stiles and fabricsreally makes them look different.

what is really scary though.. you go to the streets of KL and somehow.. All this seems vaguely familiar.....

somewhere in our Rukun Negara, i think there should be a

"kehormataan untuk gaya fesyen yang baik".

just to instill a sense of seriousness.

and to make sure we do not, as a nation , have street walkers who look like the above.