Saturday, 11 July 2009

bulky shoes with dresses. yes or no?

was walking in MV today.. (took grandma shopping for shoes. see. i can blame my shopping disorders on genes!!!) and i gasped as i saw this girl wearing this gorgeous dress. Seriously seriously pretty. but her shoes spoilt it. they were chunky heels that were so bulky they just stole the beauty of the dress..

i found that incredibly sad la....

but then again... there is such a fine line between yes and no s when it comes to shoes that really the only thing u can do is look real hard in the mirror and decide for yourself if your shoes match and complement your outfit...

no idea what actually matches this hideous outfit but her shoes are seriously weird... they were like little cages used to trap roaches or something.
her stylist has to be fired. something went very wrong here. maybe she thought her dress was long enough to cover her shoes? well u thought wrong honey. YUCK.
seriously Mandy?? what are those??

hmm... these are nice in a way... but they don't really match her dress so they? kinda weird... i dun like it.

ok this one is messed up. its like she wore the wrong heels for the wrong outfit. switch both footwear and you'll have killer looks.. poor gwen.

apa ini??? just coz u make a million bucks doesn't mean u look like it beyonce. (claw claw)

YEASSSHHH.... who cut out your boots???????

her shoes look like something the vacum cleaner and a stiletto will produce together. little cleaning fan and a high heel.

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