Monday, 21 September 2009

what the heck were u thinking fashion.

recently i had one of those days when i saw myself in a mirror while walking around 1Utama and had one of those... WTF moments!!!!!

the outfit i thought looked so good in my mirror looked like i had just stepped out of snow white and the 7 dwarfs set!!! and i AINT SNOW WHITE. let me assure you!!!
so after dragging myself with a heavy heart out of the mall and straight home to hide my face, i went online.
and my my my.. did i feel much better. u think u got it bad? take a look at these celebs. they have it much much much worse!!
Amber Rose

Maybe kanye should be teaching his woman how to dress instead of bullying people at the VMAs.
Paloma Faith

Miss Universe Japan
come on. havent the stylish Geisha girls thought them nothing?

Jodie Harsh
The '80s called. Even they don't want this outfit back

Helena Bonham Carter
she has a REAL HARD time getting OUT of character.

Hana Soukupova
why the need for so much support?

Eva Herzigova

Oh, you must have misunderstood. Slips go under dresses.

Courtney Love

Even the guy next to her is shocked at her terrible outfit.

Beth Ditto

In this game of dominoes, everyone loses
Tami Donaldson

We've seen some bad walks of shame, but this is by far the worst! On a RED CARPET? sigh.

now u see why i don't feel so bad about myself anymore?


Monday, 7 September 2009

bad breakup? u dun wanna miss this.

sowee. long time yes. work bad. stress bad.

moving on.
credits to :
the boyfriend jus became the ex? don't fret ladies. help is here.

Jessica Simpson can't catch a break. The tabloids have branded her -- at 28 -- a dried-up spinster who can't keep a man; she got dumped by her NFL-star boyfriend, Tony Romo, on her birthday eve; and -- arguably worst of all -- she just got photographed wearing a disastrous romper. Where were her friends? Hasn't anyone reminded her that Job One when dealing with a horrible split is to make sure you look awesome every time you leave the house, on the off-chance run into your ex?

Just in case your girlfriends aren't answering their phones in your hour of need, here are our celebrity-inspired Dos and Don'ts for coping with a breakup.

DON'T Just Give Up

Everyone's been through that breakup where you spend the first six weeks on the sofa in the same ratty sweatpants, eating buckets of ice cream and crying over the tender loving relationships on all the chick flicks we can find. It's an important part of the grieving process, but it's no excuse for giving up altogether. If that heinous romper on J. Simp doesn't reek of quitting, then i'll eat a pair of leggings.

DO Keep Your Wallowing Behind Closed Doors
Even if you've basically gone feral, the world doesn't need to see your shame. Ben Affleck spent months after his bust-up with J. Lo popping up in public looking like he'd been tucked away in a remote mountain cabin, without running water, making bombs and sniffing glue. Visibly falling apart at the seams is only going to make your ex happier to be rid of you.

Instead, take a cue from Anne Hathaway, and ...

DO Show Some Leg
Anne illustrated best that living well -- and looking hot -- really is the best revenge, especially when your idiot ex thought it was OK
a)to sleep with that cheap shag he met at a club..
b)bitch about you to YOUR BESTFRIENDS
c)"casually" meet up with his ex!
but Anne calmly snagged herself a whole new wardrobe of short-but-sophisticated looks. It must be comforting to know your ex is eating his heart out ... serves u right .. bitch..

DO Get an Awesome Haircut
Now, we're not saying you should go all Britney on us here and take a shaver to your mane just to make a point, but the right apr├Ęs-heartbreak makeover can do wonders to lighten your spirits. Remember Reese Witherspoon's breakup bangs?
They debuted on the heels of her divorce from Ryan Phillippe and made her look sleeker, sexier and more alluring than she had in years. Plus, it's cheaper than Botox.

DON'T Become a Gymorexic Nutjob
There's looking youthfully healthy, and then there's looking like you could crack walnuts with your biceps and slice cheese with your veins. Madonna fits the latter category.
After divorcing Guy Ritchie, Madge seems to have embarked on an even bigger gym binge than usual -- we haven't seen guns like that since there was an East German weightlifting team. She's the cautionary poster child for exercising in moderation. If you want your ex to think you've spent countless lonely nights bench-pressing tractor-trailers, that's one thing; otherwise, you don't need to shack up with so many heavy dumbbells just to get over that other one.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

what to wear to work.

i have a friend who once said all she does is look at her closet, close her eyes, pick up a shirt and pair them with the same black pants she wears everyday.

"comfy and no need to think laaa..." she drawls..


but its true. most girls give up the feminine and saucy factor when it comes to work clothes.

i want to be taken seriously. Malaysian culture is tricky la. is two of the complaints i've heard. so this article is just a few things to help u sexy it up without pretending to dumming it down. :)

1. pants with flirty but conservative tops.
pants give off an air of superiority but a clean cut is uber feminine. a conservative flirty top will make u feel girly but still business like. The top can be slightly see through (but must be worn with a tube!! think simple elegance not skank!) and keep a jacket in the office to throw on if ya gotta head to a big meeting.

2. coloured skirts

we always see the staple black a line skirt as our saviour and we cringe at the thought/sight of colour or print for work but paired with the right top, this look can be rather classy. Try a loud print with a low key top, clean tied up hair and pale make up. You'll be surprised at how polished it looks.

3. suspendersbored with the simple white shirt and black pants/skirt? tuck the shirt in and put on some suspenders. I mean it. suspenders. its like the boyfriend shirt. on a guy its nice, but on a girl.... wow.. :)

4. heels

-no picture required to show the awesomeness-

ladies. i know they give u blisters, aches and pains but its worth it. do a mirror test if u don't believe me. stand in front of a mirror with you're back facing the mirror. Look at your butt before and after u wear the heels. No need to thank me.

5. a hint of redthis always catches attention no? a hit of red. be it heels, belt, collar.... red always screams SEXY.

6. clinch belts

use clinch belts to tuck in your waist. It adds curves without much effort.

7. one piece office dresses. i love office dresses. Tailored, clean cut, appropriate colours. Yummy. worn with heels, minimal jewelery and a structured bag, this is a sure winner. No one will forget you're a girl. and thats in a GOOD way.

8. high waisted pants

their back!! yeap.. the same suckers u saw in your mum's old photographs and in that 70's show! :) high waisted pants in a dark colour or even pin striped is very classy. It hugs the hips and flaunts the curves without looking desperado. :)

9. vests & jackets
keep in mind that our country is HOT. so sometimes the gorgeous styles we we see in sitcoms may not work here. Layering can look great but in our climate, its best to choose something smaller, and lighter. :)

so yes ladies, its time to remind the office you're a girl.

been sulking.

hey... i'm back. i've been sulking.

yes u heard me. sulking.

got a bad case of blues. (may be PMS.. bah..) and decided to not write coz what good am i doing for the world anyway huh? who am i kidding..

so yea. i just huffed one day and said. thats it. I QUIT.

so days passed. and guess what. i figured. so what if i don't do the world good heh? at least i'm happy.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

most malaysian girls don't seem to know what category their figure falls in. so this is a simple guide. the great thing about knowing what your figure is, is it makes it easier to dress!

simple test: take off your clothes and stare at your body in only your underwear. this is your original figure. look at it side ways, front and back. Then, match them with the criteria given below. :)


Typically pears have:

A long or slender neck
Sloping or narrow shoulders
Narrow back
Small to medium bust
Defined waist
Curvy hips and backside
Full thighs and calves

This is said to be the most common with women.
Typically women with pear shaped bodies have a slender face and neck. Shoulders are shapely but also narrow and slope downward. Small to medium bust and a well defined waist. While the lower area- buttocks, hips, thighs and calves are comparatively larger holding most of the weight.


Typically apples have:

A fuller face and neck
Broader shoulders
Fuller Breast
A fuller, undefined waist
Narrow hips
A flat rear end
Shapely legs

You tend to have a softer fuller middle, with full shapely breast. Your have broader shoulders and upper arms with an undefined waist. You will have thinner hips and thighs and a flatter rear end than most. When Apples gain weight, they have a tendency to gain in the midsection.


Typical hourglasses have;

Symmetrical shoulders and hips
Full, shapely bust
Distinctly defined waist
Medium to broad hips in proportion with shoulders
Shapely Legs

They have the most proportioned body shape with their shapely shoulders and curvy hips being equal in size. Your bust will be medium to full, and is a much envied asset. Your waist is very defined, while your thighs and bottom are full and curvy as well.


Typically rectangles have:

A full neck
Broad back
Average bust
Undefined waist
A balanced figure
Great legs and arms

Your figure is lean and athletic. You may have a fuller neck and your back is broad. Your shoulders and hips are balanced between a straighter torso with a waist that has little or no curves. There is little difference between measurements of the chest, waist and hips. Your bust is usually small to medium in size and your hips are square and your derriere is flat. You are blessed with slim long arms and slender lengthy legs. When you gain weight it tends to go to your tummy forming a little pot belly, and your thighs and love handles.

Monday, 10 August 2009

ankle booties.

dear foxydy,

i bought these wonderful pair of ankle boots the other day.. but i have absolutely nothing to wear them with. any ideas?

well dear, ankle booties are really hot. as in sexy hot. not sweaty like their high versioned sisters. seriously. have u tried wearing knee high boots in our Malaysian weather? i sweated in places i didn't know i had glands.

so yes, ankle booties are a great alternative to a great trend. :) take a look at some of the celebs below. hopefully you get some good ideas!!

dressed up!!

paired with a uber short skirt line, ankle booties look so cute. anything longer (whether boots or skirt) will make legs look short! so beware!!

Kate is smart. by pairing stockings that match the colour of your booties, they give an illusion of mile long legs. Different colour just cut your body into parts. Not appealing!

sky high boots, short simple dress, coool jacket. only J Lo can wear this on the red carpet and make jaws drop..

sienna. Check out her play with colour which i LOVE. she's such a risk taker. and most of the time, her instincts are right on track!

Kate: paired with any other footwear, this LBD can border yawnsss... but with the boots, wow.

now. for the more applicable tips. since most of us don't dress for the red carpets everyday. who are we kidding right. :P

dressed NORMAL!!!

now thats hot. studded rocker boots with jeans. dun go all over the top like MK or Ashley (i can't tell em apart. bah.) with the layered tops and scarf. total overkill!! just stick with simple tees. you'll be a hot rocker babe with a blink of an eye.

sienna is great! only she wears white booties with an all black outfit! but try it! make your booties the centre of attention!! they deserve it!

no comments. just stare and absorb the awe-some-ness.

told u the spice up anything. even your boyfriend's oversized shirt!

Friday, 7 August 2009

foxy megan.

ever wondered what foxydy means? its just an abbreviation of foxy lady. catchy huh? well i definitely think so.
one person that is definitely a foxydy is the new girl in the big screen, Megan Fox. she's learnt real quick how to dress and my has she done it in a good way.
glamming it up on the red carpet, this rookie turn style queen is smart to stick to clean lines and beautiful colours which she knows works on her skin. she ain't much of a risk taker but u can bet your last stiletto she's beautiful.
different premiers of Transformers. these are the top dresses i loved!! So sexy. different cuts, textures and colours but Megan knows what looks good on her.
i loved this outfit because of the accessories. its was so clever. a little LBD with the perfect accessories which gave it a punch of colour and all the jazz.
simple beautiful the colour was great and the peek hole added the right spice.
simply breath taking no?
Hollywood glam done oh so right.
see why clean lines work?
canary yellow at its best.
even flapper dresses can be clean if done right.
casual Megan
even when this glamazon is dressed down, her style shines through. just like her red carpet dresses, her casual dos are clean and simple.

but that doesn't save the rookie from making a mistake or two.. :)

why those shoes with such a gorgeous dress i dunno.. sighs..
this colour makes her look pale and washed out.. bad choice.
Megan makes a mistake or two but that's outta hundred. which is why she's a real glam queen just waiting to happen!!