Tuesday, 28 July 2009

mine is Eva Longoria.

i love looking forward to an event. whether its just coffee with the girls or a night out in town...coz then i get to get all excited about what to wear.
yes. i get excited about what to wear. all the time. no i'm not kidding.

but there are times when i stand in front of my closet and just stare. and stare and stare........ and stare. u get the point.

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with kick butt outfits, and I often get asked about how you’re supposed keep up with it all. In an industry where everything changes every other day, how do you stay inspired without buying a whole new wardrobe weekly? (though i wouldn't mind. just that i'll probably have to marry a rich man and be a trophy wife in exchange. anyone know any rich old/kicking the bucket soon men?? haha.....)

There’s a lot of creativity involved in fashion – even if it’s just in choosing how you wear the few basic pieces you have. Just like artists and writers look for inspiration to keep their creativity flowing, fashionistas need inspiration too!

There are many ways to find fashion inspiration, but one easy way that i follow is to have a celebrity fashion muse.
A celebrity fashion muse is someone you look to for fashion inspiration. You can check out what this celebrity wears, take notes on how they wear different items, what colors look good on them, etc. It’s a way to keep your style current, while you learn about fashion.
Taking fashion notes from a celebrity is also a good way to get a feel for how your body type may look in different types of clothing. Want to try a pair of high-waisted pants, but aren’t sure if they’ll look right? Let your celebrity fashion muse do it first, and observe their results before you buy a pair yourself.

Why celebrities? These days, they have really amazing stylists, and are basically walking fashion editorials going to Starbucks. And because these famous people pay a professional to dress them, and have access to all the latest designer clothes, observing them is a great way to find out about the newest trends & pieces before they hit stores.

How To Pick A Celebrity Fashion Muse

So how do you go about choosing a celeb to be your fashion inspiration of the moment? Here are some points to consider when you go about finding the perfect one.
Look for someone who looks like you. In terms of hair color, height, etc. Don’t expect to find a perfect clone of yourself in Hollywood, but find someone that you identify with. eva longoria's skin tone is golden brown which suits my skin tone but i am a little darker. something i have to take into account. her hair colour is lighter than mine. she's about my height. and her eyes, pointy nose and other features are similar to mine. which is why i think she suits me :) but not everything matches so beware the differences!!
Find a celeb with a similar body type. This isn’t a must, but really helps when it comes to figuring out what types of clothes will look best on you. my figure is petite and curvy. thus, eva suits me well.

Look for a similar sense of personal style. Another bonus. If you can find a celeb who’s personal style resembles your own, that’s another great way to get inspiration and exposure to new pieces that you may like.

so go ahead. look at celebs and find whho suits you. trust me. it makes dressing a lot easier. :)


Golo said...

brilliant idea!!

i usually look at any random celeb and try to pick up their kinda fashion, but that doesnt always work out well... i shall keep this in mind!

foxydy said...

thats great babe! :) glad i could help!