Tuesday, 21 July 2009

a letter from your fan

received this email today. just though of sharing.

Hey luv,

I'm one of your subscribers and i find myself constantly looking forward to your new post. You must be wondering why i'm writing this mail to you.

Well, I just want to take time to thank you for your informative posts especially the recent one. you have no idea how much it made my day.

As being a pear shaped gal, i always feel insecure about my shape/curve. Silly me! I didn't value what i have! I used to hate my big built (i'm 5'7") and shape until i saw this line in your post : Beauty is all about confidence!

I couldn't agree more with you.. Thanks again for making me realize the truth. Hope you'll post more about pear-shaped gals or curvy Ladies in the future.

this letter made me sniff. i'm so happy i started this blog and that it gives people something to smile about.. this is exactly wat the blog was for.. for people to relate and learn with me. this is a proud moment for me. :)

to all of you who read and give me constant advice and critique, thank you.

to anyone who needs anything. advice, tips or just a listening ear.. drop me a mail. :)


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