Sunday, 27 February 2011

5 things a Grown Women should never wear

sure we all see that celebrity that breaks the normal fashion "rules" and still manages to look fabulous. But then again.. remember that these people have a stylist with them on speed dial... someone who lives to make sure these people look good no matter what...

most of us ain'tso lucky huh?

so here's a compliation of a few simple rules any girl should stay away from........

1. overalls on the streets.

these belong in the farm. amongst the cows and sheep (well.. kambings to be more exact)...
anyone who thinks they can get away with overalls needs a HUGE wakeup call...

2. Pigtails

Plastic surgery, not pigtails, is the only way to go if you successfully want to shave 20 years off your face: pigtails on anyone well out of their teens just looks like a bad attempt at girlishness. A single ponytail, on the other hand, is considered almost universally flattering on women of all ages.

3. knee socks in Malaysia.

knee socks should be kept for just a few things. a) haloween b) a stripper outfit and c) if you're under 5years of age.
anything other than these three.. and you know you've gone seriously wrong.. or your stylist/"friend" was playing a cruel joke when she said" oh wowwww......"

4. tie dyed anything.

repeat after me: TIE DYE is not in. never will be and never was!!!
unless you're kid made you a tie dye skirt in her very first arts and crafts class... please stay away from this look. it make u look like u went into the Paddle Pop factory and rolled around in the Rainbow icecream.

5. FUR

i dunno about the rest of you. but wearing a poor slain animal is just bad Karma!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

flip flop and thongs

as malaysians, we get our very first pair of flip flops at a tender age of 3 or 4. the Bata slippers or famous/infamous Japanese slippers that we keep so dear to our hearts protect our little feet.. we wear them everywhere... to the playground, to grandma's house, to steal mango from the neighbours house, to go to the shop...

and we never grow out of them.

every time our faithful slipper gives way, we go back to a store, buy another pair and jump straight into them. :)

but as we grow, our fashion sense developed. from the frocks we wore. (and we though we looked soooo pretty... like a ffaaaiiirrryyy) to the school uniform, (silly hot stuffy things!) to the hot pants (woo... adventurous a bit) to the now sunday dresses and heels... the flip flops never really died out did they?
but there really must be some kind of rules no? when it comes to this lovable duo? so these are some of the rules i follow.. personally..

where to wear flip flops.

1. supermarket
4.classes (Who bothers to dress?)
5.daily errands
6.park (wait. if its for a date then NO. keep reading. if its to walk your dog/sibling then yes. )
7. anywhere with water.

where not to wear flip flops.
1. WORK(unless u have a job thats really casual)
2. Restaurants with cloth napkins
3. Red carpet events (prom, gala dinners.. fancy pansy stuff)
4. Churches
5. Funerals
6. Out-of-office business meetings
7. First dates and blind dates (actually just the first few dates in general)
8. and of course, the white house. :)

What to Wear with Flip-Flops
Casual shorts
Very casual short skirts (think denim minis)

for the rest of the attire... i present to you.. the beautiful alternative. the PRETTY THONG!!!!!(NO la i aint talking about underwear!!!)

the pretty thong sandal is a dressier alternative to the flip flop. its casual yet trendy. and OH SO COMFY. in fact, Vincci, Nose and Viss seem to have some good ones... check them out. :)

What to Wear with Pretty Flat Thong Sandals
Casual skirts
Lightweight pants
Casual dresses

not only will they look polished and stylo, they also are kind to your aching feet. so go on.... cheat on the flipies. :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

pear shaped women


so sexy. seriously!! i would give most of my shoes and all of my jewellery to have a butt like these women have. (lucky... grumbles. )

pear shaped women generally have a petite top half and a more heavy bottom. smaller chest and shoulders and wider hips. Dressed properly these women are knockouts!!!
don't believe me? think beyonce, alicia keys, J Lo..

so ladies.. after searching long and hard... (this post took 3 hours to do.. reading all that advice is no joke man.. hahaha.. )

here's the verdict!!
The key for pear shaped figures is to draw attention to the upper half of the body in order to divert attention from the hips and thighs; the result is a seemingly more balanced body.

how to to that?

Bootcuts are a dream for pear shaped women. The cut is flattering because it widens below the knee and slightly flares at the bottom. A low rise or extra low rise minimizes the appearance of large hips and gives you a more balanced appearance. This also emphasizes your sexy waist. Pants that sits on your waist will make your bottom look much bigger than it is, especially from behind, so make sure u choose a pair that sits just below the waist line.Wear bootcut pants in dark colors and with a slight heel for a look that elongates your silhouette even more.

Stay away from trousers and jeans that taper in and are tight around your ankles, but also avoid really wide leg trousers that just go straight down from your widest part. A fitted boot cut or straight leg jean or trouser is your best shape. Cropped trousers are probably a bad move as they can make your legs look shorter and therefore your hips and bum wider.

A-line or flared skirts – the ageless femininity of a-line or flared skirts are just one reason you should stock your closet with these gems. Pear shaped women will find the skirts to be comfortable and flattering. Make sure the skirt fits well at the top and flares out as it goes down – the result is a minimizing look for the hips and a beautiful and confident you!
Short, tight skirts should be avoided as these will accentuate the tops of your thighs, and divert attention to that problematic areas.


You can wear most shirts and T-shirts that more top heavy girls can’t, so make the most of it and show off your figure. Look for necklines that are scooped, draped, v'd, rounded or squared. Any neckline that has a lower and wider neckline will look great. These will emphasize your bust and draw attention to your face. Also look for an under-wire or molded bras to help with balance. A halter top that ties at the neck will give the shoulders the appearance of width they need, and this will help balance out your hips and thighs.. Boat and slash necks that create a horizontal line across your neck, making your shoulders appear wider will balance out your bottom.

Adding detail to the top half can be brilliant at drawing the eye up the body away from the problem area. Brighter colours on top or beading detail around the neck line can look great, or you could try adding a statement necklace.
Any tops and jackets that highlight your waist are flattering for you, keep dark colours on your bottom half and have fun with brighter colours and prints on your top half.


Dresses can be your best friend as long as they emphasise your waist and do not have ruffles around your hips. Empire lined dresses are great as they are tight around your smaller top half and then flare out just below you bust line, skimming over your larger bottom half. Be careful though what material the dress is made out of.. sometimes light cheaper cloth makes the dress look frumpy if its in this cut. heavier material will give a sleeker and sexier finish.
:) have fun experimenting!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

the leggings revolution

leggings have taken Malaysia by a storm no? everywhere we see girls donning the fashionable item and strutting their stuff confident that they did well on their outfit.
well. lets reminisce back... to where it all started huh?
the LOUD 80'S !!!

GOSH.. the flashback wasn't as pretty as you thought it was... hahaha.. can u imagine how cool these girls thought they were... :)

so i've come to realize that the leggings have pushed their way back into our fashion. so i've complied a few pictures of do's and don'ts. hope you like em.

do take a cue out of these celeb's fashion styles. wearing black leggings accentuates the leg lines and also gives this sleek finish.

do take a cue from the posh (no pun intended) VB. pair your leggings with sky high stilettos that give an air of sophistication..

do tuck leggings into boots. they look oh so yummy and trendy.. casual sexy..

do use leggings with casual looks as well. pair them with ballet pumps or kitten heeled open toes for a real lazy yet trendy look.

and finally. many people advise against patterned leggings.. but look at our girl Lohan. she looks sophisticated sheek here. The key to achieving this look is to have a top or dress that is a neutral solid colour that is slightly longer as to not show off too much of the patterned legging.

Don't s

please please please DON'T go CRAZY with leggings. colours like these belong on the rainbow. don't compete with nature for attention.

don't wear BRIGHT leggings under shorts!!! thats just a HUGE mess. if you want to wear short shorts, then pick a length you actually feel comfortable with. if not. DON'T WEAR THEM! leggings aren't accessories!!!

you would think that Rihanna would have better sense than this right? just goes to prove that even icons have their off days....

i wanna know if this girl's little brother had something against here and took a little blade, cut holes and then snickered as she walked out the door.

and finally. the QUEEN of DITZ. Paris Hilton. come on lady! wearing sheer leggings with a short top? thats just screaming trashy no?

so there u go.. some do's and don'ts.. hope u enjoyed this one.

Monday, 14 February 2011

the top 6 beauties

we all do it dont we?

we look at the new pair of shoes/bag/dress/top/jeans/belt............................

and we think... oh.. my.. g*d. i have to have that.

and then we make up the excuses.

1. its the last one in my size. THATS A SIGN!!!

2. I've searched alllllllll over for one that i like (when u know thats a lie ... )

3. i just finished work/school/exams/helping someone. i deserve a treat. *pout*

4. its calling out to me..

5. it matches that dress i never wear coz i have ABSOLUTELY nothing to match it......

and the best one yet...


so this post is a list. of the top 6 fashion ESSENTIALS every MALAYSIAN girl has to have. u know how u read those glossy fashion magazines and they tell u that a WINTER TRENCH COAT is an essential... and i think to myself... in THIS country?????

so ladies. this is the foxydy malaysian list...

remember if its not on this list..... u can't use excuse No 6. :)

Number one.

A classic handbag which will carry u from night to day in a wink.

Gosh i love Vicki Beckham. how this woman manages to look extremely "wow" every time she walks out amazes me.

Her bag is a Hermes birkin costing up to $4000. most of us will have to sell our entire wardrobe to afford one of that bags. and then live on RM1 nasi lemak for a few months.....

pic credits to:

Number 2

the dirty stilettos.

its all about the legs isnt it? i love shoes. love how they make a saggy butt oh-so-delicious right after u slip on a pair of these babies...

and how sexy they make u feel. yes they take practice. and a whole lot of pain... but gosh... who doesnt love these babies..

pics credit to:

Number 3


of course this is here. need i say more? :)
we all have them. long, short, ruffles, clean.. and we still cant get enough of them eh....

thanks to audrey... hepburn that is... the LBD is a global phenomenon. and us malaysians love our little LBD huh... soo cantik....

pic credit

Number 4

The sexy mini

the malaysian wardrobe sex symbol. Finding the right mini is like finding a best friend. Its tough to find the perfect fit.. but once you've found it... it was all darn worth it.

pic credit to:

Number 5

skinny jean

ah... we blame Kate Moss for this one. Skinny has never looked so good. It f flaunts girls with curves and give curves to the ones who want more.
its taken malaysia by a strom no? suddenly everyone has a pair.. or two... or three.... *blush*

pic credit to:

Number 6

the casual dress

pic credit to:
this is the life saver. when in doubt, whether its to that party u ain sure is a casual affair or a dressy one, or to take the boyfriends parents to dinner... number 6 always saves your cute tush

Foxydy goes to South Korea :)

Sorry i didn't update this weekend. Was busy packing and running errands for my upcoming Korea trip.

I'm super excited as this will be the first trip i will do ALONE and i'm away for a good 2 and a half weeks. Adventure here i come!

So please do not be angry if i do not write new posts. I will keep Foxydy updated via short updated by I Phone :) However, just to keep the blog alive, i will repost some of my favourite blogposts through the years. Hope you enjoy the posts !

love, sash

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Perfect Sunnies + Neat Hair = Fail proof.

So I live in a place where the people are always dressed to the nines. Seriously, Bangsar could be a picture out of a fashion magazine at any time.

Growing up, Bangsar was a nice place to grow up in. The neighbourhood were pretty friendly to us and the shops were nice and quaint. Fast-forward 20 years, and Bangsar is a booming place with certain places having more expats than locals.

Let me get to my point. When you grow up in a place, you feel that you do not have to dress up when you go into the shops. However, my problem is, when i do wear my pasar malam shorts and slippers to run to the grocery store, i feel so severely under dressed that sometimes i hope to god that i don't meet anyone i know.

and this is to the grocery store.

So i have developed a little trick. When i do want to pop into a store or to go for breakfast and refuse to change out of my casual clothes, i just tie my hair up, and throw on sunnies.

As much as it takes me two seconds to do these simple things, the effect is tremendous. By wearing a pair of fashionable sunnies and getting my hair into a sleek ponytail, bun or even let loose, i instantly turn from:

i just woke up and didnt change yet TO i am so cool, this is what i am wearing. i look hot.

Take a look at these celebs who rock the same trick.

Neat trick huh? So when you're too lazy to change, just neaten up your hair, and throw on your sunnies.

Monday, 7 February 2011

What to Wear for Your Birthday Party

So it was my birthday yesterday !! :) and in honor of that, i found this post.

What to Wear for Your Birthday Party

by Claire

Ah, birthdays. They come around every year, but they’re always special!

For your special day, your only duty is to shine.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors.

Cast your inhibitions aside and slide on a sexy frock or romper in hot pink, electric orange, or even neon yellow. It’s your night, do it to it!

If you just want to go for a suggestion of color, try a little black dress with a lovely bright hued shoe:


2. Try a bow.

Wrap yourself up like the gift you are, and present yourself like a stylish treat.

3. Get a little saucy.

You don’t need it all hanging out, but you can be a little daring with a slightly sheer top or a high hem.

4. Shimmer and sparkle, it’s your night!

Light it up in lovely sequins or beaded embroidery.

The point is to show out and wear something that’s fun and reflects your personality.

I decided against suggesting actual dresses, as it’s important for you to pick it for yourself. Go to your favorite store, try on a bunch, and pick the dress that makes you feel most beautiful.
It’s that simple!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Boobs. How to spot the fakers

Credits to: By an eHow Contributor

Breast implants have become extremely popular and relatively affordable, and as the technology improves, implants have become more difficult to spot. Whether you admit it or not, you have probably found yourself wondering, once or twice, while watching TV or spying on a sexy woman in a bar, whether her breasts are real or not.


  1. Look closely for unnaturally shaped breasts. Natural breasts are never perfectly round and they move with the body. If a woman's breasts do not flatten, fall or stretch as she moves her arms or bends over, you are probably looking at fake breasts. Breast implants tend to remain stationary and hold their shape, even when a woman lies flat on her back.

  2. Check for perfect half-circles around the top of the breasts. Natural breasts, even when placed in a push-up bra, will form a smooth natural curve at the top of the breast. Fake breasts, however, defy gravity and will reveal their perfect firm roundness at the top edges of the breast, bra or not. Keep in mind that there are some very natural looking pear-shaped breast implants these days, which are more difficult to spot by top circles alone.

  3. Spot fake breasts by checking for jiggliness. Natural breasts are formed by fat, which is soft and pliable and tends to shake a bit with the body. If a pair of breasts look firm like toned muscle or the skin looks tight like a balloon, you are surely looking at a pair of falsies.

  4. Determine whether the woman is wearing a bra, then check out where the breasts are hanging. The top curve of natural breasts begin at about the armpit, however many breast implants will be placed a bit higher. If the breasts are perfectly shaped and perky in the absence of a bra, they are definitely not the real thing.

  5. Watch for other abnormalities common with fake breasts. For instance, if you notice that the nipples are pointing in different directions, the breasts are spaced too far apart or they are seriously disproportional to the woman's body, chances are she's had work done.

    My verdict: don't have them ladies. There are plenty of other ways to get a nice cleavage.

    More on that later.