Monday, 20 July 2009

how is being a twig pretty??

somewhere along history, women were told that if we weren't stick thin...
we weren't beautiful.

what is it about the stick thin women prancing around (in their underwear mostly) on the runways and bracing the covers of so and so's magazines?

Let me give u an example.

i used to watch America's Next Top Model A LOT when it first came out to our Astro.. and i used to sit there and wonder why all the Judges kept saying these girls are beautiful??

how is this astonishingly beautiful??
BUTA KA?????

conversations on fashion shows usually go like this when looking at a normal looking healthy girl..

designer: unfortunately, she doesn't look very high fashion does she?

(foxydy's high fashion definition: super scrawny, pale as hell, astonishes eyes, scarily lanky, doesn't eat. )

and this is what beauty is??
its like the fashion world is playing one big cruel joke on us normal girls. teaching us that being anything above size 0 is unacceptable and anyone bigger should take an IMMEDIATE course on the following;

1. anorexia to starve yourself and look good doing it
2. how to stick your fingers in unsightly places.. your throat!
3.laxatives.. they are your NEW BEST FRIEND.
4. hate yourself NOW. (express and COMPULSORY course)

what is it exactly? what is it that we are missing?? sometimes i sit down and wonder what is it i was missing with these scrawny clothes hangers they call top models... some look like aliens to me.

is there something that i'm not seeing that designers think is beautiful??? or maybe only they can see it and the rest just follow in pursuit of being accepted into the cool club?

its time to being home the curves ladies.

trust your instincts. beauty is all about confidence. just coz some hot shot designer says his skinny model is the mona lisa of the new age, doesn't mean he's right. it means he needs his head examined.

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