Wednesday, 8 December 2010

8 clubbing essentials.

i had quite a weekend which led to a quiet Sunday of recovery. 2 nights of dancing in one weekend is pushing it, i realize that now..but it was worth every

safe to say, i had an amazing time. While i was in the shower today, washing my hair to get rid of all the gunk and smoke, i realize, over time, i have built a list of things (unconsciously) that i consider clubbing essentials.

These things are essentials to make my clubbing experience a safe, fun one.

1. Identification.

If you are going to club, you need to bring some form of ID on you. Most clubs want your IC to prove you are of age to enter. Drivers License is not taken as a valid form of ID.

However, bring your drivers licence, even if you aren't the one who is the designated driver. You will never know what could happen that night and you do not want a situation where your "driver" is drunk and you don't have your Drivers Licence on you. Surprise road blocks are frequent in most Kl roads.

Also, i like to bring just two or three namecards. Just in case. You'll never know who you might meet in a club. ;)

2. Heels protection

Ok we all know we love to torture ourselves by wearing the most ridiculous heels to clubs. We all wanna look sexy right? and what better way to show off than those killer heels? Lucky for us, people are getting smarter and now we have solutions for our party feet. Invest in some of these babies and enjoy longer time on the dance floor without wanting to scream in pain.

These protections are available in major pharmacies. I wear the ball protection coz thats wear the most pressure is when you stand for long hours. Also, if your heels can cause you blisters, just stick some of these on the pressure points, and whoooossshhh... no more pain.

3. A clutch bag with a strap

As much as clutches are cute, when you wanna go dancing, you arent gonna be able to dance properly if you have to use one hand and hold your bag. Neither should you leave it at the table!! Dangerous! Get a clutch with a strap that you can hang on your shoulders, or even around your wrist as you dance.
4. A hair clip/ hair tie.

If you do end up getting very sloshed, this will hold your hair back for you. In better situations, clubs can become a bit stuffy as the room fills up and you start dancing.. so bring a clip or hair tie that is pretty so it doesn't look like the hair tie was an emergency measure. Something pretty that goes with your outfit will do the trick.
5. A bra with good support.

Honestly, i watch the girls play tug of war with their bras on the dance floor. Ladies, if you know you are going to be dancing, wear a bra with good support and one thats comfortable. Why wear a dress or top thats super trendy, but such a fuss. Dancing is somewhat a sport so wear something that supports!!! Its just skanky to have boobs popping out on the dance floor.

6. Small change

Always bring some small change (for car parking tickets, buying mints, etc) and then some extra cash. Just in case.

7. A fully charged phone with a few taxi phone numbers

Ladies, alcohol does funny things to people. Always take a cab if you or your friend cant drive. Driving drunk is just stupid. You car will still be there in the morning. Believe me. Just make sure you lock the car, use a steering lock if you have one and make sure you inform the parking attendant about your car. If this doesn't work, call someone to come get you and let them drive your car.

8. And finally, the best thing to bring clubbing.

A great friend. Not only will you have great fun with them, you know you can trust them if anything happens. :)

FYI. My next essential is something i reaaaalllyyy want badly. A hipflask!! So cute and so useful to pour tequila in ;)

So these are my few essentials ladies. Happy safe partying. ;)

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Halle Bose said...

Good tips, esp. about the license.