Monday, 3 August 2009

rainbows are pretty. just not on you.

even gotten really jelous of a girl u saw at a party in a gorgeous purple dress.. spend the night talking/bitching about her to your loyal girlfriends, go out the next day, scout out the same purple dress, pay an embarassing amount but promise you'll never shop again(yea right), go home excited, try it on, and then realize under normal lighting, u don't look great in it at ALL!

it all depends on the colours ladies.

some colours look great on you. others make u look like u have a cronic illness. no kidding.

so here are some tips to determine what colours suit your skin tone.

You may have a warm skin tone, i.e. you have a yellowish tinge in your skin colour. A cool skin tone would mean a more red-tinted skin. To determine your skin tone, alternatively hold pieces of gold and silver paper next to your face and observe what colour complements your skin. You will realise that one colour complements you better. If gold suits you better then you have a warm skin tone, while if silver looks better you have a cooler skin tone.

The nature of your skin also plays a role in the kind of shades that you can wear. A person with blemished skin should avoid solid colours, especially extreme colours that are very dark or very light. A person with reddish blemishes or pinkish tones on the cheeks or across the nose should ideally avoid deep red colours such as wine red or burgundy.

but enough about my tips. check out the experts.

read the articles below for a full comprehensive list.

u'll be an expert in no time ;)

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