Monday, 13 December 2010

short short. shorts.

I have a friend who loves her shorts. She wears them everywhere. Home, Shopping, Dinner, Family Functions.. as you can tell, her fashion sense seems to revolve around her shorts.

But often we wonder, how short is too short? I have written about general lengths before in my article, "how short is short". But what is the rule for shorts?

Its a little tough i find, to pick a pair of shorts and tell of they will immediately fit you. I have been blessed/cursed with an indian butt. Which means, while i have a decent waist size, the snobby lady at the counter still sneers at me and says

" your size not s lah darr-lingg. try M or L lohh"

not great for the ego. Trust me. this is how anorexia and bulimia starts in young girls.

back to topic. Finding a pair that fit well is a matter of trial and error. However, i do have some small tips.

1) The waist band should be sitting comfortable below your belly button. If it is pressing you down when you sit, try a bigger size.

Shorts should fit so they do not constrict your movements in any way.

Argh. Where was the snarky sales lady this time?

2) The butt area should fit snugly. Not so tight that your shorts could be giving you a wedgie like outlook.. front and back.
Camel toe. Yes, thats whats its called.

And this is a classic wedgie.

3) The length is crucial. Find a pair that looks decent even as you bend down to pick something up. Shorts are a great way to look sexy and casual. But most of the time, girls tend to think, the shorter the hotter. Not REALLY. Good fitting shorts are way hotter than micro shorts.


young hollywood starlet

4) Wear them to the right occasion. Ladies, we live in Malaysia. We all share different cultures and value systems. Shorts are only now becoming a (debatable) accepted item of cl
othing. So be considerate when picking an occasion to wear your shorts. My Indian Grandfather would freak out if one of his granddaughters wore shorts anywhere. So be respectful of people and their values. :)

If you need to wear shorts, take a cue from these sexy, classy ladies who know how to rock fashion to match their bodies.

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