Monday, 29 November 2010

the fine line between creative and madness

believe it or not,

Designer Patrick Mohr chose this look for his runway models at Berlin Fashion week…Unbelievable, wouldn’t you say?

makes one think.. when do things stop being genius and start getting plain creepy?

sometimes i just do not understand high fashion. I wonder to myself, is it really genius or do we all just get caught up in a whirlwind of he said/she said and all the glitzy marketing that we forget ourselves.

i dunno... when i saw this pictures, my first thought was what-the-hell. and then i asked some other friends and while most had mixed feelings, there were some that went.....

but its Patrick Mohr.. he's brilliant... must be you if you don't like what he's doing.

hrmph. thanks friend. but i'll stick to my self made opinions.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

lady gaga has balls.

Guts people.

I meant guts. Ish. dont hide it. i know what you were thinking. ;)

In the new decade, we find trend-setters & fashionistas, but if you really think about it, how much of a risk are these people actually taking when they dress up? most of the time i find they settle for a look which is so blah and safe. They slap on a pretty dress, go to hair and make up, nude tones, nice redish lipstick and soft hair.

Which is why, no matter how crazy you guys think she is, i think Lady Gaga is a genius. And she has BALLS.

She may not be the prettiest swan in the flock, but she has a sense of fasion that will leave people talking and no matter how much you deny it, you want to see Lady Gaga and what she wears at every event.

Here are some of her most outrageous looks..

I love Lady Gaga. She isn't just one of pop music's most flamboyant stars. She's also proving to be one of fashion's most daring new icons.

Every time she leaves her house -- whether it's to film a video, hit the red carpet, or take a stroll
around the block -- Gaga always seems to make an outrageous statement with her attire (or l
ack thereof, in some cases).

She teaches us that fashion isnt supposed to be taken as a Life and Death decision for most of us. Have fun with it ;)

Friday, 26 November 2010

Animal Prints and how to work em.

Credits to : Kimberly Heit.

This article provdes six tips aimed at helping you wear animal print in a stylish manner.

Animal print is currently making a big fashion comeback, and without fail it tends to do so every few seasons. It can prove a tricky trend to master, so the following article provides a few tips on how to wear animal print with style.

Six tips for wearing animal print with style:

1.Keep it simple

A piece of animal print apparel is bound to make a statement, so make sure it forms the focal point of your outfit. This means the rest of your outfit should support your animal print piece, rather than compete for attention.

2. Pair it with neutral colors

Generally it is best to stick to pairing animal print with neutral colors. Think black, beige, brown, grey and white. In addition it is a good idea to stick to prints that actually resemble animal colors.

3. Wear it in the most flattering places

Prints draw attention to wherever you wear them, some give some consideration to where you’d like to highlight and make sure you avoid wearing a print on an area you’d rather downplay. For example if you are pear shaped, it would be best to wear an animal print on your smaller top half, rather than on your fuller bottom half.

4. Stick to one species at a time and follow the rule, less is more.

A time honored rule that very few people successfully break is to only wear one style of animal print at a time. So if you are wearing leopard, stick to leopard, tiger, stick to tiger and so forth. And remember, animal print is an attention grabber. You want to turn heads, not cause accidents.

6. Be as subtle as you like

If you feel comfortable and confident working an animal print dress or another fairly dramatic piece, feel free to indulge in doing so. If however, you are a more conservative dresser it is best to wear animal print in a way that feels right to you. For some this may be in the form of an accessory such as a scarf, belt, shoes or purse.

and finally, if you look anything like the below celebs, Don't leave your house.


Thursday, 25 November 2010

heels at work. practical?

Don't get me wrong. i think heels are so drool worthy, there are some pairs i would willingly trade my first born for.

But working 9-5 nowdays is proving to be a real challenge for my feet. Honestly, sometimes i feel like i'm torturing myself. i own quite a few pairs that make me look so slender and tall but my feet feel like an olden days Chinese beauty queen.

But are flats actually professional looking? Its a thought i keep pondering on. No kudos to the insane TV shows that only show working women in sky high heels. (com'mon.... really? they titter totter in those sky high prada's all day and then don another strappy sky high one at night to go dancing in? ***SNORTS!! GET REAL!

she's not going to a meeting. she's going to her limo.

though today i was walking to courier something off and i saw two women. One in a working highwaisted skirt, button up top, nice belt, cute bag, and very very very professional looking comfy flats. Her face looked happy.

another is working pants, nice blouse, kinda funny looking bag and SKY HIGH heels. she looked pained... and kinda constipated.

Which made me think.. we have all been so programmed to think that only sky high heels are polished looking so we kill ourselves slowly. (no kidding. Wearing heels actually kills our bones)

we dress up in the morning in killer outfits which we so lovingly put together, do our hair, makeup and then when it comes to shoes, we wince, glace at our comfy flats, take a deep breath and then reach for the heels.

We get to office. Go for meetings.

And then when we finally sit at our desk..


I'm thinking we should just realize that TV isn't reality. Go FLAT!. But please ladies...

Just coz its flats doesn't mean you get to go all the way.

Keep it simple and clean.

At the end of the day, you wanna focus on your work. Not how many blisters you have.

And guess what, you'll still look fabulous. Just less grump and in pain.

So go ahead. Give your poor feet a break. Try the flats.