Friday, 31 July 2009

my new love.

i was on my way to my holiday on wed morning. packing and stuff and i realized i had no cotton to remove my very chipped nail polish. so i dragged myself (and a very reluctant boyfriend) to guardian pharmacy. just as i was walking by the Maybelline display, i was struck.

they had a new mascara out.

ok quick history: i am obsessed with mascara. its my make up crutch. the one thing that i have to have on. without it my face feels so blah. yes. told u i'm obsessive. ;P

yes so Maybelline had a new mascara and immediately, i felt my body being turned around sharply and pushed towards the cotton.

the annoyances of having a strong boyfriend.

well. me is a sneaky one. while he was paying the bill, i rushed over and tried the new wand.

oh-my-goodness. it was so GOOD. i am serious. i normally never blog about products i use coz i assume they just work on certain people and no one can use the same products all over.... but this mascara is sooo good i just have to.

Maybelline UNSTOPPABLE curly extension waterproof, full length curling mascara.

ladies, i tried it on and it was soo easy to apply coz of the shape of the brush. and my my my.. my eyelashes looked so long... i battered them all day. (causing my boyfriend to double into laughter. sheesshhh.... jahat.)

and guess what. its really really waterproof. of all the mascara's i've bought.. when i go swimming, they smudge. this one stayed. even when i used my cleanser on it. IT STAYED. only when i used remover did it wash off. AMAZING.

so i put it to the ultimate test. i used it on my holiday. i applied it in the plane. left it on. showered, swim, shower, swim, before dinner just a few light strokes. next day, still there!!!

and this went on for 5 days!!! it never smudged!! AMAZING.

the only downside is that its tough to take off if u don't have make up remover. but other than that. WOW. i had it on for 5 days and it didn't irritate my skin, my lashes looked full and long. PLUS it gave me amazing photos on the beach.

sigh. :)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A muse for you?

following yesterday's post... i found this amazing article on some celebs that have become style setters with a large following... maybe u could use one of them as your own personal muse?

credits to : Zephyr. collegefashion
Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is really popular with college girls. Her style is very cute and mainstream. She sticks to a lot of basics, but always looks clean and put-together. she also has this beautiful boho look which is clean yet absolutely ADoRAble. You can bet that she’ll always be wearing the latest trends as she is one of the most recent bumped-to-fame-by-her-style icon.
Jennifer Hudson

J-Hud is naturally gorgeous, dresses her body type so well, and obviously has a great eye/stylist(ha ha) for fashion. Jennifer Hudson is a great example of a woman who makes fashion work for her – she’s not a slave to trends that won’t work on her body, and always dresses her curvy figure right.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Parker is a great choice for a fashion muse if you’re petite, tanned, and have a classy but sexy sense of style. Eva is always wearing cute dresses, tall high heels, designer sunglasses, and carrying an expensive bag. While you may not be able to buy her 300-dollar Gucci sunglasses, you can check out her style for ideas and buy a similar pair!


High-fashion and experimental, M.I.A.’s sense of personal style can only be described as eclectic. I love her look and give props to anyone who can pull her style off in real life. If you pick her as a fashion inspiration, expect her to always keep you guessing – who knows what this girl will be wearing tomorrow?

Jessica Simpson

Spunky & trendy with a hint of cowgirl: that’s Jessica Simpson’s style. Jess loves flared jeans with cowboy boots, high heels (she’s only 5′2″ LIKE ME!!!), and loves trendy pieces as well. If you are always wearing your denim and describe your style as casual but sexy, Jessica might be your perfect fashion icon.
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s style is very trendy but also classic at the same time. You can always catch her wearing a designer label, and probably carrying a Birkin bag! Some of her outfits are a little questionable, and can lean toward tacky, but you have to hand it to her for always being willing to take a fashion risk!

Rachel Bilson
Rachel has such a cute style and always seems to look great and effortless. She’s also a bit of a style chameleon – dressing made up fabulous one day and effortlessly glamorous the next. Of course,for most of us,getting the effortless glam looks in real life takes more hours :)… Either way, Rachel is an adorable choice for a fashion muse.
Nicole Richie
Boho chic with a high-fashion twist: that’s Ms. Richie in a nutshell. the new and improved Nicole that is. the one without Paris. :p Nicole is usually wearing the latest runway trends, but she mixes them with vintage pieces to create a whole new look. I personally love Nicole’s style and count her as one of my biggest fashion inspirations.
Kate Moss
What fashion icon list would be complete without the ultimate style queen? If Kate wears it, you can bet that you’ll see it everywhere next week. I think that Kate Moss is probably even a style icon to the rich and famous! Nobody puts outfits together the way she does – her looks are always unique and fabulous.
One Reminder:A quick note of caution on this: When you look for inspiration in celebrity outfits, always add your own individual twist to their look. It’s no fun to copy someone’s outfit piece for piece: it’s like fashion plagiarism! Let celebrity outfits and styles inspire you, but don’t rip the picture out of the magazine and buy every single piece. Have the confidence to wear your own version of their look, and change it to suit you.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

mine is Eva Longoria.

i love looking forward to an event. whether its just coffee with the girls or a night out in town...coz then i get to get all excited about what to wear.
yes. i get excited about what to wear. all the time. no i'm not kidding.

but there are times when i stand in front of my closet and just stare. and stare and stare........ and stare. u get the point.

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with kick butt outfits, and I often get asked about how you’re supposed keep up with it all. In an industry where everything changes every other day, how do you stay inspired without buying a whole new wardrobe weekly? (though i wouldn't mind. just that i'll probably have to marry a rich man and be a trophy wife in exchange. anyone know any rich old/kicking the bucket soon men?? haha.....)

There’s a lot of creativity involved in fashion – even if it’s just in choosing how you wear the few basic pieces you have. Just like artists and writers look for inspiration to keep their creativity flowing, fashionistas need inspiration too!

There are many ways to find fashion inspiration, but one easy way that i follow is to have a celebrity fashion muse.
A celebrity fashion muse is someone you look to for fashion inspiration. You can check out what this celebrity wears, take notes on how they wear different items, what colors look good on them, etc. It’s a way to keep your style current, while you learn about fashion.
Taking fashion notes from a celebrity is also a good way to get a feel for how your body type may look in different types of clothing. Want to try a pair of high-waisted pants, but aren’t sure if they’ll look right? Let your celebrity fashion muse do it first, and observe their results before you buy a pair yourself.

Why celebrities? These days, they have really amazing stylists, and are basically walking fashion editorials going to Starbucks. And because these famous people pay a professional to dress them, and have access to all the latest designer clothes, observing them is a great way to find out about the newest trends & pieces before they hit stores.

How To Pick A Celebrity Fashion Muse

So how do you go about choosing a celeb to be your fashion inspiration of the moment? Here are some points to consider when you go about finding the perfect one.
Look for someone who looks like you. In terms of hair color, height, etc. Don’t expect to find a perfect clone of yourself in Hollywood, but find someone that you identify with. eva longoria's skin tone is golden brown which suits my skin tone but i am a little darker. something i have to take into account. her hair colour is lighter than mine. she's about my height. and her eyes, pointy nose and other features are similar to mine. which is why i think she suits me :) but not everything matches so beware the differences!!
Find a celeb with a similar body type. This isn’t a must, but really helps when it comes to figuring out what types of clothes will look best on you. my figure is petite and curvy. thus, eva suits me well.

Look for a similar sense of personal style. Another bonus. If you can find a celeb who’s personal style resembles your own, that’s another great way to get inspiration and exposure to new pieces that you may like.

so go ahead. look at celebs and find whho suits you. trust me. it makes dressing a lot easier. :)

boobs. how to spot the fakers.

Credits to: By an eHow Contributor

Breast implants have become extremely popular and relatively affordable, and as the technology improves, implants have become more difficult to spot. Whether you admit it or not, you have probably found yourself wondering, once or twice, while watching TV or spying on a sexy woman in a bar, whether her breasts are real or not.


  1. Look closely for unnaturally shaped breasts. Natural breasts are never perfectly round and they move with the body. If a woman's breasts do not flatten, fall or stretch as she moves her arms or bends over, you are probably looking at fake breasts. Breast implants tend to remain stationary and hold their shape, even when a woman lies flat on her back.

  2. Check for perfect half-circles around the top of the breasts. Natural breasts, even when placed in a push-up bra, will form a smooth natural curve at the top of the breast. Fake breasts, however, defy gravity and will reveal their perfect firm roundness at the top edges of the breast, bra or not. Keep in mind that there are some very natural looking pear-shaped breast implants these days, which are more difficult to spot by top circles alone.

  3. Spot fake breasts by checking for jiggliness. Natural breasts are formed by fat, which is soft and pliable and tends to shake a bit with the body. If a pair of breasts look firm like toned muscle or the skin looks tight like a balloon, you are surely looking at a pair of falsies.

  4. Determine whether the woman is wearing a bra, then check out where the breasts are hanging. The top curve of natural breasts begin at about the armpit, however many breast implants will be placed a bit higher. If the breasts are perfectly shaped and perky in the absence of a bra, they are definitely not the real thing.

  5. Watch for other abnormalities common with fake breasts. For instance, if you notice that the nipples are pointing in different directions, the breasts are spaced too far apart or they are seriously disproportional to the woman's body, chances are she's had work done.

    My verdict: don't have them ladies. There are plenty of other ways to get a nice cleavage.

    More on that later.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

away on holiday :)

hey babes,

foxydy will be away on holiday for the next few days.... a much deserved break!! :)

will be back on tuesday loves.. with lots of things to talk about !!


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

a letter from your fan

received this email today. just though of sharing.

Hey luv,

I'm one of your subscribers and i find myself constantly looking forward to your new post. You must be wondering why i'm writing this mail to you.

Well, I just want to take time to thank you for your informative posts especially the recent one. you have no idea how much it made my day.

As being a pear shaped gal, i always feel insecure about my shape/curve. Silly me! I didn't value what i have! I used to hate my big built (i'm 5'7") and shape until i saw this line in your post : Beauty is all about confidence!

I couldn't agree more with you.. Thanks again for making me realize the truth. Hope you'll post more about pear-shaped gals or curvy Ladies in the future.

this letter made me sniff. i'm so happy i started this blog and that it gives people something to smile about.. this is exactly wat the blog was for.. for people to relate and learn with me. this is a proud moment for me. :)

to all of you who read and give me constant advice and critique, thank you.

to anyone who needs anything. advice, tips or just a listening ear.. drop me a mail. :)


booty-full babe ;)

two hot curvy mama s

i have a friend that is fuller figured and is always complaining that its tough to dress for a curvy girl. u know the kind... big boobs, big butt.. *grumbles* so this post is for her. ;)

now most curvy girls think they have it bad. our mindset has been set to thing that big is bad. really is it? some of the most beautiful women are full figured...

they just know how to dress well for their figure.

tip 1. wear a sexy belt

If you've got an hourglass figure, a fabulous belt should be your best friend. Try belts with dresses and long tops to create an illusion of a smaller waist. The belt, if snug around your waist will help flatten your tummy and give you a bit more shape.

tip 2 printed dresses.

this is the perfect camoflage for any problem areas. if u have big thighs, wear a dress that slightly flares out at the hips.. if u want to cover your arms, pick sleeves that are longer or even bell sleeves for a casual boho look.
tip 3 Wear the right jeans

If you're trying to minimize your butt or thighs, try to stick with darker washes. Additionally, look for boot cut jeans,which will flatter your curves. Skinny jeans will make your hips look really wide, while straight or wide leg jeans won't show off your shapeliness and make u look generally bigger since its one size all the way down following the biggest part of your body!!

tip 4 Use accessories to help you out

Want to bring attention upward? Try wearing some really stunning earrings, which will bring lots of attention to your face. If you're feeling self conscious. try wearing some really chunky bracelets or rings -- they'll draw attention away from your body, but not from you.

tip 5 Balance out below the belt

If you're a little on the top heavy side, you might want to consider a skirt with either flirty ruffles or an A line. Actually, even if your hips are perfectly proportional to your bust, a girly cut will still add some whimsy to your outfit -- after all, flaunting that curvy figure is all about confidence :)

so booty-full babes... flaunt your curves!

Monday, 20 July 2009

how is being a twig pretty??

somewhere along history, women were told that if we weren't stick thin...
we weren't beautiful.

what is it about the stick thin women prancing around (in their underwear mostly) on the runways and bracing the covers of so and so's magazines?

Let me give u an example.

i used to watch America's Next Top Model A LOT when it first came out to our Astro.. and i used to sit there and wonder why all the Judges kept saying these girls are beautiful??

how is this astonishingly beautiful??
BUTA KA?????

conversations on fashion shows usually go like this when looking at a normal looking healthy girl..

designer: unfortunately, she doesn't look very high fashion does she?

(foxydy's high fashion definition: super scrawny, pale as hell, astonishes eyes, scarily lanky, doesn't eat. )

and this is what beauty is??
its like the fashion world is playing one big cruel joke on us normal girls. teaching us that being anything above size 0 is unacceptable and anyone bigger should take an IMMEDIATE course on the following;

1. anorexia to starve yourself and look good doing it
2. how to stick your fingers in unsightly places.. your throat!
3.laxatives.. they are your NEW BEST FRIEND.
4. hate yourself NOW. (express and COMPULSORY course)

what is it exactly? what is it that we are missing?? sometimes i sit down and wonder what is it i was missing with these scrawny clothes hangers they call top models... some look like aliens to me.

is there something that i'm not seeing that designers think is beautiful??? or maybe only they can see it and the rest just follow in pursuit of being accepted into the cool club?

its time to being home the curves ladies.

trust your instincts. beauty is all about confidence. just coz some hot shot designer says his skinny model is the mona lisa of the new age, doesn't mean he's right. it means he needs his head examined.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

cool things about heels. 18SX

did u know...

1. high heels are good for your sex life.

Experts found that wearing a 3-inch heel strengthened pelvic muscles, also increasing their ability to contract--it's an effortless, on-the-go version of Kegels.

2. The average American woman owns 19 pair of shoes.

But it's likely one of those pairs will never see the outside of a closet. 60 percent of women regret at least one shoe purchase and on average women have worn a quarter of their shoes only once.

3. Almost all women routinely wear shoes that are one to two sizes too small.

88% of women are wearing shoes that are too small for their feet. The majority of women haven't been measured for the correct shoe size in the past five years, and since shoe size often increases with weight gain and age, many women stick with a size they've outgrown.

4. Who invented the contemporary stiletto?

The contemporary stiletto was invented in the 1950s by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, who made his first pair for Marilyn Monroe in alligator skin. The models back then were tame by today's standards, with heels no higher than about 3 inches.

5. How many hours per year does the average women spend shopping for shoes?

Women spend 40 hours and 30 minutes shopping for shoes every year, over the course of 15 shoe shopping trips.

6. What percentage of women said they were willing to give up sex in exchange for a really great pair of shoes?

22 percent would be willing to give up sex, 36 percent would give up chocolate, and 37 percent would take the shoes over a nice dinner out.

7. Historians believe the modern-day high heel originates from the chopine, a platform shoe, worn by women in Florence in the 16th century. The platform was often two feet high.

Venetian prostitutes often wore chopines. The platform shoes elevated the prostitutes, who often lingered in dark doorways waiting for potential customers, to a height which would make them noticeable.

8. Shoe fiend Darlene Flynn earned her title as Guinness World Record holder for the largest collection of shoe-related items. Over the course of 6 years, how many pieces of shoe memorabilia did she amass?

Darlene Flynn owns 7,765 shoe-related items, including a replica of the Disney Cinderella glass slipper, wooden shoes, leather moccasins, cloth shoes, cast iron boots, a red-stiletto shoe phone, and even a shoe made from the ash collected at Mount St. Helen's eruption.

Monday, 13 July 2009

thoughts about rocking a new do

i have a thing about my hair. everytime i get bored i change my hair.. haha... no kidding. i've had the long wavy hair, shorter do, shoulder length, the vicki beckham crop, the rihanna crop and then now its long again... :)

so i always get asked

how i choose my hair dos and where i go...

trust me i aint at all a loyal customer when it comes to hair, facials, manicure and waxing saloons. i am what i like to call a "first time half price" roamer. most wax,facial and manicure saloons give u a first time half off price and thats why i gravitate towards a new place every time i think i'm beginning to look like a lil hairy chipmunk again.

i digress.

back to hairstyles. so how really does one choose a rocking new look? a few steps.


look through the net or hairstyle magazines (don't do fashion mags as they have less manageable hairstyles in them. remember hair magazines are designed specially for everyday hair looks where else fashion magazine hair is just done for a photo shoot!!)

find 3 or 4 pictures that you like. chances are the pictures may very well be similar or even very different. either way, there is a reason u like these looks as they probable show a part of your character. so showing your stylist these picture will help him/her come up with something personalized to you.

don't just look at the end result of the hairdo. make sure u are up to the "homework" the hairstyle comes with. example: i am very lazy when it comes to my hair. i don't even blow dry. so obviously my hairstyles are very easily maintainable. wash, towel dry and GO.

remember to tell your stylist how and what your hair is like. a good stylist will spend some time just feeling and getting to know your hair. this enables them to tell u new thing and really see and tell u if the look will work for u and your hair.

2. find a AWESOME hair stylist.

Go out and do a bit of research and get a whole lot recommendations!! Every girl out there has been to a saloon so ask around! Don't just listen to one person and then go... ask a few people and people u TRUST!

If you are a bit bolder, go out to the street and have a look at hairstyles on people. When u see one that's similar to what u have in mind and you like the cut, ask that person about her hair. Ask for the stylists name and even the price!! This technique really works for me!!

look for the stylo saloon. anyone that owns a seriously business will definitely invest in the infrastructure of the place. And, good stylists gravitate towards fancy saloons. Pride. Its more likely you'll find good talent but it comes at a price. :)

so there. a few tips when trying to cross that bridge of to chop or not to chop.

your hair that is. :P

Sunday, 12 July 2009

how much for a total celeb look?

article credits to:

have u looked at all the celebs and wished and wished you could look like them??? i know i have... i always wanted cameron diaz's legs... (they are so lonnnggg)

was surfing the net researching my next blog post when i came across this article which i thought was pure GOLD. take a look and be alarmed!!!

Plastic surgeons reveal what Hollywood celeb body parts are the most requested, and how much it costs to look like them.

Gisele Bundchen has the most requested breast size, “They’re not too big and not too small. They’re symmetrical – the perfect size being a C cup – which most women long for” says Dr. Rizk.
Price Tag: $10,000

Angelina Jolie has the most requested eyes of course, “Her eyes are oval, which is more pleasant than a round eye”, says Dr. Rizk.
Price Tag: $8,000

Most requested lips go to Keira Knightly because of her full lower lip and the way her lips curve upwards.
Price Tag: $1,200

Although her own nose isn’t real, Ashlee Simpon’s nose is the most requested by plastic surgeons. “It’s not too short – which tends to make people look piggish – and it’s not overscooped”, says Dr. Rizk.
Price Tag: $10,000
The most requested rear belongs to… you guessed it, Kim Kardashian. “Her butt is defined, not droopy. There’s a distinction between her gluteal muscle and thigh muscle. To get a butt like Kim’s, you need an implant.“ Do you think SHE has an implant?
Price Tag: $10,000

Total Cost: $39,200...

since this is Malaysia and we girls depend on the Ringgits instead of the Benjamins.... here is a quick calculation.

$39200 x current ER of 3.58000 Malaysian Ringgit per US Dollar

=RM 140335.99055

not too bad??? u decide. :)