Monday, 13 July 2009

thoughts about rocking a new do

i have a thing about my hair. everytime i get bored i change my hair.. haha... no kidding. i've had the long wavy hair, shorter do, shoulder length, the vicki beckham crop, the rihanna crop and then now its long again... :)

so i always get asked

how i choose my hair dos and where i go...

trust me i aint at all a loyal customer when it comes to hair, facials, manicure and waxing saloons. i am what i like to call a "first time half price" roamer. most wax,facial and manicure saloons give u a first time half off price and thats why i gravitate towards a new place every time i think i'm beginning to look like a lil hairy chipmunk again.

i digress.

back to hairstyles. so how really does one choose a rocking new look? a few steps.


look through the net or hairstyle magazines (don't do fashion mags as they have less manageable hairstyles in them. remember hair magazines are designed specially for everyday hair looks where else fashion magazine hair is just done for a photo shoot!!)

find 3 or 4 pictures that you like. chances are the pictures may very well be similar or even very different. either way, there is a reason u like these looks as they probable show a part of your character. so showing your stylist these picture will help him/her come up with something personalized to you.

don't just look at the end result of the hairdo. make sure u are up to the "homework" the hairstyle comes with. example: i am very lazy when it comes to my hair. i don't even blow dry. so obviously my hairstyles are very easily maintainable. wash, towel dry and GO.

remember to tell your stylist how and what your hair is like. a good stylist will spend some time just feeling and getting to know your hair. this enables them to tell u new thing and really see and tell u if the look will work for u and your hair.

2. find a AWESOME hair stylist.

Go out and do a bit of research and get a whole lot recommendations!! Every girl out there has been to a saloon so ask around! Don't just listen to one person and then go... ask a few people and people u TRUST!

If you are a bit bolder, go out to the street and have a look at hairstyles on people. When u see one that's similar to what u have in mind and you like the cut, ask that person about her hair. Ask for the stylists name and even the price!! This technique really works for me!!

look for the stylo saloon. anyone that owns a seriously business will definitely invest in the infrastructure of the place. And, good stylists gravitate towards fancy saloons. Pride. Its more likely you'll find good talent but it comes at a price. :)

so there. a few tips when trying to cross that bridge of to chop or not to chop.

your hair that is. :P


Lee Jen said...


Yes the main question, to chop or not to chop??!

It took me a few months to decide what should be my new hairstyle. Now I've a pixie cut! Compared to my previous long straight hair!

Then I discovered Virtual Online Saloon. =) "jumpsforjoy"

After I've decided on choosing which hairstyle suits me best, I went to the saloon the very next day!

If anyone wishes to change hairstyles without choping it off before knowing the real actual result, the link above is very much helpful! =)

Just my 2 cents!


Tammi said...

Sash, only YOU can do that because only YOU can pull off such outrageous hairstyles and still look utterly gorgeous!

PS: I'm so distraught, they've blocked your chat box at work :(

lovepieces said...

Darn, if only I have seen this website earlier. I just chopped of my hair ;p