Friday, 3 July 2009

flu. but not the swinny kind.

i hate these two.
hey babes... sorry i haven't blogged for the past few days. Trust me it takes a lot to keep me away from my lappie but my mom is strong enough to pick me up and chuck me in bed.
have been having the flu. but no fever, nor vomiting not anything else so i can be quite convinced it aint the swine. (though i have met like 6 people from Aussie lately!! :( )

anyhoos.. my mum has been insisting i wear a mask. (aiyooohhh.. don't infect other people laaaa.... ) but being the look conscious mutt i am. I blatantly refused. ITS SOOO UGLY!!
so i looked up some ideas. why not have trendy masks huh??

now these kinda masks i wouldn't mind walking around in. :)


lovepieces said...

Haha.. That's great..
Now, where can we get this in Malaysia? Any ideas anyone?

foxydy said...

no ideas babe. :) unfortunately malaysian people not so creative :(