Tuesday, 21 July 2009

booty-full babe ;)

two hot curvy mama s

i have a friend that is fuller figured and is always complaining that its tough to dress for a curvy girl. u know the kind... big boobs, big butt.. *grumbles* so this post is for her. ;)

now most curvy girls think they have it bad. our mindset has been set to thing that big is bad. really is it? some of the most beautiful women are full figured...

they just know how to dress well for their figure.

tip 1. wear a sexy belt

If you've got an hourglass figure, a fabulous belt should be your best friend. Try belts with dresses and long tops to create an illusion of a smaller waist. The belt, if snug around your waist will help flatten your tummy and give you a bit more shape.

tip 2 printed dresses.

this is the perfect camoflage for any problem areas. if u have big thighs, wear a dress that slightly flares out at the hips.. if u want to cover your arms, pick sleeves that are longer or even bell sleeves for a casual boho look.
tip 3 Wear the right jeans

If you're trying to minimize your butt or thighs, try to stick with darker washes. Additionally, look for boot cut jeans,which will flatter your curves. Skinny jeans will make your hips look really wide, while straight or wide leg jeans won't show off your shapeliness and make u look generally bigger since its one size all the way down following the biggest part of your body!!

tip 4 Use accessories to help you out

Want to bring attention upward? Try wearing some really stunning earrings, which will bring lots of attention to your face. If you're feeling self conscious. try wearing some really chunky bracelets or rings -- they'll draw attention away from your body, but not from you.

tip 5 Balance out below the belt

If you're a little on the top heavy side, you might want to consider a skirt with either flirty ruffles or an A line. Actually, even if your hips are perfectly proportional to your bust, a girly cut will still add some whimsy to your outfit -- after all, flaunting that curvy figure is all about confidence :)

so booty-full babes... flaunt your curves!

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