Monday, 24 May 2010

your butt's new best friend. ;)

One thing i have learnt during my trip down to aussie in October was the Aussies are the pioneer of the look called casual sexy.

no kidding. just one little stop into Cotton On and you will see what i mean. cotton, loose, simple cuts that you can just throw on and feel great :)

one of my best buys in Aussie was the high waisted black skirt i bough in cotton on (Bah. this was before i knew that the brand had launched here in KL. Paid 2x the price for the same skirt!) anyhoos, it is still one of the best buys i've had. hugs the figure like a glove, is sexy with being OTT and best of all, gives MASSIVE CURVES!!

the great thing about these skirts is that you can jazz them up. or dress them down.

and just when i thought i was over the cotton high waisted awesomeness, i watched bounty hunter.

girls. i dont need to say more. watch the movie and watch how great jen aniston looks in it.

your butt's new best friend. ;)