Sunday, 12 July 2009

how much for a total celeb look?

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have u looked at all the celebs and wished and wished you could look like them??? i know i have... i always wanted cameron diaz's legs... (they are so lonnnggg)

was surfing the net researching my next blog post when i came across this article which i thought was pure GOLD. take a look and be alarmed!!!

Plastic surgeons reveal what Hollywood celeb body parts are the most requested, and how much it costs to look like them.

Gisele Bundchen has the most requested breast size, “They’re not too big and not too small. They’re symmetrical – the perfect size being a C cup – which most women long for” says Dr. Rizk.
Price Tag: $10,000

Angelina Jolie has the most requested eyes of course, “Her eyes are oval, which is more pleasant than a round eye”, says Dr. Rizk.
Price Tag: $8,000

Most requested lips go to Keira Knightly because of her full lower lip and the way her lips curve upwards.
Price Tag: $1,200

Although her own nose isn’t real, Ashlee Simpon’s nose is the most requested by plastic surgeons. “It’s not too short – which tends to make people look piggish – and it’s not overscooped”, says Dr. Rizk.
Price Tag: $10,000
The most requested rear belongs to… you guessed it, Kim Kardashian. “Her butt is defined, not droopy. There’s a distinction between her gluteal muscle and thigh muscle. To get a butt like Kim’s, you need an implant.“ Do you think SHE has an implant?
Price Tag: $10,000

Total Cost: $39,200...

since this is Malaysia and we girls depend on the Ringgits instead of the Benjamins.... here is a quick calculation.

$39200 x current ER of 3.58000 Malaysian Ringgit per US Dollar

=RM 140335.99055

not too bad??? u decide. :)

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