Friday, 7 March 2014

Hold Your Girlfriends Handbag - Like a Man.

Taking the escalator down in the mall, I noticed a young couple in front of me canoodling. As any absent minded person would do, I stared at them until the little voice in my head said "stop it you creep".

In my few seconds of oblivion, I did manage to catch one thing. He was wearing a handbag. Now let me make this clear. He was not holding a handbag. He was wearing one. 

Background story: I grew up in a fairly modern household. My mother is not the typical indian wife but neither is she a bra incinerating feminist. In my household, my dad does not hold handbags. Having grown up in a household of 7 men and one poor mum, he devised a rather clever plan to avoid any future feminine role partaking. He had a daughter. 

Back to my smoochy couple. Now while I am all for gender equality, I am stuck on this particular one. Time and again I have watched the heroic boyfriend carry all his damsel's bags. Shopping bags, gym bags, luggage bags... those don't bother me. It's always the handbag.

Finally it hit me. Its not the fact that they are carrying the bag. Its the way these men carry it.

Let me make this clear. When your girlfriend asks you to carry her handbag, and you being the gallant gentleman reply, "of course my darling", when you hold the bag like this, trust me man, you ain't Prince Charming anymore. There is another name reserved for this. 

She asked you to hold it. Not wear it. (Ps: Also, it doesn't match your shoes)
So do yourself a favor guys, the next time your precious asks you to hold her bag, try one of these:

And maybe, every once in a while, even throw in one of these. Hopefully she gets the hint. 

And for my fellow ladies, don't make him your personal bag hanger. If you don't wanna carry the bag, you shouldn't have brought it in the first place ;)