Monday, 6 July 2009

indian invasion.

sorry for the 3 days. :)

i have been looking around at people and their styles.

and i found something pretty quirky.

being indian, bangles are a part of my heritage. as a kid (aww.. who am i fooling.. i'm still the same) i used to run around with loads of bangles in my tiny arms trying to make as much noise with them as i could.

but as i watch fashion now. there is something pretty queer about bangles. They seem to break the normal "fashion hierarchy" rules. u see them on the catwalk, the bubbly girls, the goth girls, the "i dun care about fashion" girls AND the "i am sooo fashionable, look at my PRADA" girl.


not something u seem often do ya?

take a look.

Vanessa is in a casual do. her bangles are so casual and effortless but they make the outfit stylish.

i told u!!! goth chick with her bangles. silver and hardcore.

Nicole likes the hobo approach with chunky bangles in pretty colours. They jazz up any outfit.

On the red carpet. and in hiding someone's face too. :) Pretty useful huh?

even in Billboard commercials. The bangles add the right touch of something special..

random normal "i dun care" people are in on it too!!!!

never thought u will never see this chick and the next picture people share anything when it comes to fashion? suprise.......

the golden girls are doing it well huh? all three are using the bangles to spice up their outfits so so well..

casual yet chic ashley. i love this ensemble. Its easy yet so trendy. Its a look i try to achieve with many of my outfits. like i didn't think so hard about it but it just came out lookin FAB!

and finally. told u the "i'm so fashionable, look at my PRADA" girl is on it too!!!
i love bangles. Hooray for the indians. one thing they got very very verrryyy right..

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