Tuesday, 7 July 2009


i don't understand people who wear beautifully fitted and stylish clothing.... only thing is they are WRINKLED.

let me give u an example.

my elder brother is a lazy bum who calls all his wrinkled clothes "evolving clothes". The logic is the wrinkles look different all the time so its a evolving garment.

-------- ______________--------

wrinkles are bad. whether they are on your clothes or (god forbid) on your face.. they are something every cosmetic company in the world is trying to fight.. so why is it we are so possessed with fighting wrinkles on our skin and completely forgetting the ones on our clothes???

chech... double standards.

seriously... according to studies, it takes someone just the first 3 seconds to get their first impression of you. do you seriously want to have that first impression saying...

"i am too lazy to iron my clothes.... maybe it will straighten out itself..."

didn't think so.

more than anything else though... wrinkles have a way of making the clothes look cheaper and less elegant. so why buy that expensive silk blouse if u aint gonna iron it???? might as well buy a pasar malam one. it'll look about the same.. trust me.

so come on girls, iron your clothes. no matter how pain staking it is.. the effect is worth a million dollar look. :)

happy morning btw..


Lisa Simpson said...

im so lazy to iron so most of my clothes r those "no need to iron materials"..haha not an expert in naming materials. :P

foxydy said...

haha.. thats great babe. good thinking!! :)

lovepieces said...

i can't stand wrinkled clothes.. except my pajamas la.. i iron most of it and keep them as neat as possible.. i guess its cos when my clothes are well pressed, i feel i look good, well-groomed and confident

foxydy said...

exactly babe. when u feel confident, nothing else matters