Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dress to Impress

The secret to dressing to impress?

Make sure you're the one who's impressed!

Everyone has their own taste in clothes and style.

Some like it bright, 
neon colors fashion 2012

Some like it dark, 

Some like it short,

Others long, 

Some tall, 

Some flat,

Some eccentric,

Some just weird (hey, who am I to judge),

you get the idea.

My point is, if you want to impress someone else, stop second guessing youself wondering what they like or might find attractive. Put on something that makes you wink at yourself in the mirror and say " OH YEAH!" and most likely, anyone else near you would be thinking/saying just that!!

If you are wearing something that makes you feel good then naturally you are going to look great too! Remember, its so much sexier to watch a girl who's having fun that then girl who can't move because her feet hurt or her panties will show!!

So go ahead. IMPRESS YOURSELF and the world will follow suit. :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Being in a difficult stage of life at the moment, I find myself thinking more and more about fear.

Its a powerful thing.

In some ways, fear is a good thing – it keeps us safe and prevents us from doing things that might harm us. It’s fear that keeps us from venturing into dangerous places and from doing things we’re not prepared for.

On the other hand, fear can prevent us from doing things that would be great for us – what if those dangerous places lead to somewhere great? Or that thing you didn't feel you were ready for was something that could have made all the difference in the world?

The one fear I have been exposed to recently is one that I find simply, Cruel.

Fear of one's self. Being afraid of who you are and what you can be. And I'm not talking about the kind I suffer from ;)

No, this is a proper fear of one's self. Fear of not knowing who you are based on the belief that you do not understand yourself well enough. Fear due to the lack of understanding. The lack of knowledge of not knowing what you want or what you need because you fear that you cannot make the right decisions. So you end up pushing things away and wandering aimlessly because you FEAR.

What a vicious cycle.

I do not know how to professionally handle these issues. But I can say this, CHOOSE. Choose to LOVE.

Choose yourself. Choose to love who you are, who ever that may be. No one ever knows what the future holds or who they will be in the future. Circumstances change all the time. But the happier people are the ones who have chosen to Love. Love themselves no matter who they are and who they turn out to be.

Deciding you no longer need to choose to be afraid always draws unto you, the solution. No one said that any path would be easy, but it is a lot easier when you like the company you are with, YOURSELF.

Now, I normally do not condone profanity on Foxydy, but in this case, it just seemed appropriate. :)

The minute you start running, your shoes will always be on.
Love, Foxydy. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

A life in Style

So recently I have been struggling with what Foxydy should be about.  It started as a fashion blog but over time I realized that it really isn't my passion to keep up with current fashion trends. What Prada, Chanel and Louis V are up to aren't exactly on my top priority list each waking moment though I do have enormous amounts of respect for people who dedicate their lives to their passion for fashion. People who create inspirations and lead markets. Somehow I have started to loose respect for the industry itself when the people who are creating Brand Labels now days are no more than a face with money to spend (most of which was generated by being ditsy on camera or a sex tape as illustrated by Mike Briggs)        

What I do enjoy though, is Style. Personal Style. Each person has a unique style sense, no matter how developed or under developed. I truly believe that Style is a product of socialization and a personal style reflects the way they have been molded and shaped by this world. The family they grew up in, the movies and songs they watched and heard, the friends, the enemies.. they all make a person who they truly are. 

And style really isn't all about what you wear. Everything that you are, everything that you do, you are consciously choosing your style. The way you talk, walk, dress, work, play... it is all about you. You make your own decisions. You pick your package. Your Style. 

So thats it. That is what this blog started off as. But perhaps it is time to revamp and truly define Foxydy. It is not a Fashion Blog, Its a Personal Style Blog. The journey I am on to find my personal style. My package.

New Beginnings

Yeap, I am back at the beginning again. I just became a "newly single lady" as a friend so eloquently put it. Funny, I don't feel as though my feelings for my ex are anything close to Lady-Like.

I have learnt so much in these past few years. I grew up in a family with parents who think the world of each other and get this, my mum wanted to be a Nun before she fell in love with my papa. How is one supposed to live up to that kind of pressure? Sheesh.

But you know, it these past few year I have learnt to question things I never thought I would. The things I have learnt to expect in a relationship, the thing I expect from a partner, the things I expect from myself.

So I feel like I'm back here again. Single. Except this time I am ready. Ready to handle this like an adult. Not serial date and drink away my sorrows. I am ready to understand that I no longer have to settle. Ready to not make the same mistakes that made me doubt myself.

I am an individual. I am a package. And a freaking awesome one at that.

Here is to a New Beginning.