Saturday, 23 May 2009

my first bazaar- foxydy.

it was a sunny afternoon. two of my girlfriends and i headed out in my car with the air conditioner piped up to max. excited and with our wallets full, we sang along (badly) to "love story" by Taylor Swift on the radio.. we giggled and chittered... it was after all our very first bazaar...

we have been shopping online for some months now. well ok.. many months. and spent money. lots of it. on all the wonderful goodies these amazing girls brought us. all to the convenience of our doorstep.

no more bored boyfriends.
no more "sayang lets gooooooooooo"
no more "yea yea that looks great... now can we go?"

we parked our car and we walked in. we saw a whole hustle of people. we gripped our wallets as we prepared for the war against our conscience which was already beginning to sound like our mothers.... *shudder*
"u dont need more clothes/shoes/belts/bags/etc !!! u have enough to start a shop yourself......"

it was heaven. clothes. shoes. accesories... what a place... all jammed into one. everywhere i turned i saw something i wanted. every inch of the store had something i wanted to touch. something i wanted to feel. something i wanted to buy....

so it began... the simple browsing.. the light chatter...

and then the wallet came out. once.... (yea i really needed that skirt!) and then again. (the belt was OMG Delicious!!) and then again (shoes... OXFORDS to be exact) and then a few more times...(dress/top/top/top/ *sale la on tops!!!!!/leggings)

at the end... i had to stop.. people were begining to look at me funny. maybe it was coz i was the only girl will sooo many bags i started to refuse plastic bags to make it seem like i just bought a few things...

total damages? =RM350. 00

total return on investment= unmeasurable bliss.....


ho hum..

let me tell you a secret.

no one reads this blog. :) no i aint kiddin.

no one.

i started this blog to just see if i could write posts that inspire me.. and others.. but the thing is i haven't got the guts to tell people that i have this blog. wanna know why??

1. i'm afraid i aint that good
2. i'm afraid people will judge me and ask why the heck i write of all people. after all i aint got a degree in fashion or whatever not..
3. i am still afraid.

there are things i can safely say i have done and am proud of. but this step in this direction freaks me out.

which is why i admire the girls that have overcome their fear to actually take a step forward and open blogshops/review sites/etc etc... i look at them and go wow... they actually did it. what i've been sitting on my butt and thinking about for years... these girls are just like me... students.. juggling a full life.. and yet they have the guts to move and take action!!

i admire the blogshop/ reviewers in this country. In a place where e shoppin hasn't hit home... they are starting to make a difference...

Saturday, 16 May 2009

shorts. a malaysian phenomenon.

excuse the title. i have been working on my dissertation proposal for the last two months and had a FREAKIN hard time getting a title. so after all that hard work, i'm showing off laa.... that i also can come up with passable titles... hahaha...
anyway. every since young i had a obsession with shorts. coming from an asian family (indian on top of that!!) my mother would rant at how short my shorts are... and compare them to all my "china" girlfriends.... (no she aint racist.. its just a indian mother thing..the shorts had to be long... but the saree blouses could show off more skin than a bikini at times......).
so i looked up shorts and came across this AMAZING article which showed what kinda shorts matched which type of body. u know how we walk around the pasar malam... or even midvalley and see this girl strutting her stuff... in a pair of SHOOOOORRRTTT shorts... only to cringe at the sight of it........ or see a really skinny babe in a pair of shorts which make here look like kacang panjang.....

so this another list. on which type of shorts suits which body type. :)

Shorts with a mid-length leg (for every body type!!)

credit: Land's End shorts; Land's End

Unlike knee-length shorts that cut your leg in half visually, shorter lengths make your legs look longer, while still covering problem areas like the upper thigh. (which many of we asians seem to suffer from since we seem so kecil next to our orang putih friends)

Flabby Upper Legs: Knee-Length Shorts

Credits: Michael Kors Bermuda shorts;

Cover problem areas like dimpled or flabby thighs with a slim-fitting pair of shorts like these that hit mid-knee. A low waist design keeps longer shorts from looking frumpy. Although knee-length shorts can make short legs look shorter, it's easy to balance it out with a pair of wedges for extra leg length. Isn't that what shoes are good for? :)

Short Legs: Shorter Shorts

Credits: Shorts from Gap; Gap
Four or 5 inch-inseam shorts are long enough to give some upper-leg coverage, but short enough to lengthen the leg. Sexy as it is... try not too make the shorts too short. If u bent down in them and they stick into your bum then its time for a bigger pair!!

Plus Size: Bermuda Shorts

Credits: Plus size bermudas from Land's End; Land's End

No these aren't just meant for our 5 year old brothers. Bermuda shorts are back IN! If you've got lots of curves, a longer-cut short is the most forgiving. Curvy gals aren't the only ones who look great in longer shorts. Knee-length shorts are a dressier look and are perfect for shopping, travel, even career if your workplace allows them.

Tall & Thin: Roll-Up Shorts

Credits: Rich & Skinny Boyfriend

Break up a long, thin leg line with shorts that have cuffs or a roll-up feature. You get maximum usage from shorts that have a convertible length ( so in front of your mum, its long... and then with the girls... its short! ), plus they make even stick-thin legs look curvier. Now who wouldnt want that huh?

Friday, 15 May 2009

top 6 beauties..

we all do it dont we?

we look at the new pair of shoes/bag/dress/top/jeans/belt............................

and we think... oh.. my.. g*d. i have to have that.

and then we make up the excuses.

1. its the last one in my size. THATS A SIGN!!!

2. I've searched alllllllll over for one that i like (when u know thats a lie ... )

3. i just finished work/school/exams/helping someone. i deserve a treat. *pout*

4. its calling out to me..

5. it matches that dress i never wear coz i have ABSOLUTELY nothing to match it......

and the best one yet...


so this post is a list. of the top 6 fashion ESSENTIALS every MALAYSIAN girl has to have. u know how u read those glossy fashion magazines and they tell u that a WINTER TRENCH COAT is an essential... and i think to myself... in THIS country?????

so ladies. this is the foxydy malaysian list...

remember if its not on this list..... u can't use excuse No 6. :)

Number one.

A classic handbag which will carry u from night to day in a wink.

Gosh i love Vicki Beckham. how this woman manages to look extremely "wow" every time she walks out amazes me.

Her bag is a Hermes birkin costing up to $4000. most of us will have to sell our entire wardrobe to afford one of that bags. and then live on RM1 nasi lemak for a few months.....

pic credits to:

Number 2

the dirty stilettos.

its all about the legs isnt it? i love shoes. love how they make a saggy butt oh-so-delicious right after u slip on a pair of these babies...

and how sexy they make u feel. yes they take practice. and a whole lot of pain... but gosh... who doesnt love these babies..

pics credit to:

Number 3


of course this is here. need i say more? :)
we all have them. long, short, ruffles, clean.. and we still cant get enough of them eh....

thanks to audrey... hepburn that is... the LBD is a global phenomenon. and us malaysians love our little LBD huh... soo cantik....

pic credit

Number 4

The sexy mini

the malaysian wardrobe sex symbol. Finding the right mini is like finding a best friend. Its tough to find the perfect fit.. but once you've found it... it was all darn worth it.

pic credit to:

Number 5

skinny jean

ah... we blame Kate Moss for this one. Skinny has never looked so good. It f flaunts girls with curves and give curves to the ones who want more.
its taken malaysia by a strom no? suddenly everyone has a pair.. or two... or three.... *blush*

pic credit to:

Number 6

the casual dress

pic credit to:
this is the life saver. when in doubt, whether its to that party u ain sure is a casual affair or a dressy one, or to take the boyfriends parents to dinner... number 6 always saves your cute tush.

a new beginning..

hey there.

Thanks for dropping by.

i've been meaning to get a posting out on this blog for a year now. yes a year.

but everytime i opened the page and started to write, i stopped in my tracks and closed the page. i never belived i could start a fashion blog.

i am ever bit an average joe. :) there are mornings i wake up and throw something on and walk out the door hoping i dont bump into someone i know coz i look like crap.

there are days i run onto the other side of the road so i dont have to say hi to someone i know coz i hate what i look like.

but then there are days, when i spend the time making myself look good. and all i wanna do is meet someone i know for them to notice how fab i look.

i am by no means an expert on fashion. but i do love it.

and thats what brought me here.