Tuesday, 30 June 2009

stick think to curvy lines.

How to look curvier.

as much as we think its the girls with to much curves that have the problems... lets not forget there are plenty of us who are screaming out to have some kind of dimensions!!!

and for this.. we have the power of fashion. used properly, we all know clothing can change the way we look. It can make you look thin or curvy.

so this one is for all my skinnies.. tips to looking like you have a few curves..

1. Wear Padded Tops

A padded top can add curve. These are tops that have padded cups build in. This way, your bosom will look fuller. In Malaysia however, finding a padded top may be a tad bit difficult, so maybe a better idea will be to invest in a good push up or padded bra. You should choose tops that have ruffles or lining to add more curve.

2. Wear Different Color Tops and Bottoms

When you wear different colors, it breaks up your body and it adds more curve. If you wear one color over all, it will make you look thin. Especially if its a solid dark colour. The effect is not so bad if it is a light colour.

3. Wear Busy Pattern

Busy pattern can hide your shape and people won’t be able to see your shape. Even if the clothes are tight, a busy pattern gives the illusion of bigger size.

4. Wear Jeans

Jeans can make you look curvy because it’s heavy in texture. Also, with all the beautifully cut jeans out there, jeans for skinny figures add big time curves. A skinny girls best bet will be to head for a boot cut which hugs the bum and flares out at the bottom giving curves.. and also a tight top paired with flared jeans.

5. heavy textures

Heavy textures will add more curve. You can try wool, jeans, and cotton instead of silk or other thin fabrics. These thinner fabrics cling to the body and show off your skinny bod where else, thicker materials stand out and actually add an illusion of healthy weight.

6. Flat Shoes

Flat shoes can make you look shorter and curvy. Heels can add height and it can make you look thinner.

7. high waised stuff

haigh waisted clothing gives curves because it cuts the body into two at all the right places. the short top highlights the bosoms and the cut at the waist accentuates a tiny waist. the cut also highlights the curve of the butt, no matter how little there is :)

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