Wednesday, 17 June 2009

how short is "SHORT!!"

we all love the short skirt. in fact here in Malaysia its an essential. the denim short skirt that goes with flip flops for uni and then with heels for tat hot date.. or the flirty sun skirt that is used during shopping or when you're hanging out with friends...

but so often we see that one girl.. who doesn't seem to know that her skirt is just TOO TOO TOO short..
lets see the signs,
you can't lift your hands comfortably to reach for something..

you can't sit down without crossing your legs and flashing someone

you can't get out of the car decently no matter how hard you try

all the boys (and the girls, angrily) stare at you... and no its not the good kind of staring)

you cannot bend in any way in it. especially not down

u have to walk up stairs or take the elevator feeling very nervous

when u sit down in it, it rides up to your waist showing more skin and your undies...

and so on....
so here is some advice on how to avoid a distasteful short skirt.

Ask a good friend (one u can trust!!) to tell you if you look good in the skirt. One inch either way makes a huge difference! Check yourself in a full length mirror standing and sitting. If too much leg is showing and u can see that your butt is just a short way from peeking out, don't wear it. trying it on in the dressing room is different from actually wearing it.

Also, don't wear a skimpy top with an ultra short skirt. A more covered top will diffuse the "sexiness" of the skirt.
Remember A little bit goes a long way with sexy clothes. One clothing item that pushes the limit is going to work if there is only one. Otherwise, the men start their winks about the "hottie" of the day.

and here are two basic guidelines given by the famous Coco Chanel to check if your skirt is too short!
1. if you can hold a credit card length wise at the top of your knee cap, and still see skin above it, your skirt is too short.

2. The rule we used in school was if you can hold your arms at your sides and your fingertips go below your skirt, its too short. Don't know if that helps... but they are the general rules that I go by.
something to ponder about huh. :)

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