Saturday, 20 June 2009

the biggest shopping mistakes!!!

This is an old post i wrote. Till today, i haven't been able to not do everything on this list. eep.

recently watched confessions of a shopaholic!! (loves the movie btw.. the fashion was awe.some) my dad (yes he watched the movie too!) made so much fun of me after the movie that it was getting quite annoying really. anyhoos.. as i watched Ilsa (the lead) walk down the street unable to stop herself from buying something... i sunk into my chair.. and realized.. yea.. at heart.. i am a Rebecca Bloomwood...
so i looked long and hard to finally come up with a pretty good list of shopping don'ts.. (sighhhsss... )


go with your gut instinct. Don't talk yourself into an outfit that isn't flattering to your frame. No matter how good the shop assistant says it looks. remember.. she's probably getting a cut!! if you feel the clothes don't fit then don't buy them. How you feel in the outfit will portray on your face. so regardless of how popular and trendy the outfit is, if you think its yucky... it'll probably look yucky too..


It is one thing to go shopping with your girlfriends because that can be very social and enjoyable but keep in mind don't shop with a competitive friend because she will cajole you into buying more and possibly unflattering items weather or not you need it.


If you need to power shop remember to bring a list. This can help focus your attention and keep you on task. Sort of like a horse with the blinders. :)

Nothing good will come from buying uncomfortable shoes regardless of how fabulous they are.


Don't buy something you don't need because it is a fantastic sale price. I know we have all done this but it is a waste of money and closet space.


Don't buy on impulse. Ask yourself the following questions when deciding if to buy. Do I need this? Does it fit with my lifestyle or wardrobe? Where am I going to wear this? one rule i practice is to put the buying on hold and if i'm still thinking about it at the end of the day -buy it :)

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