Sunday, 28 June 2009

my three most read.

as you can tell i have finally added a list of blogs i read at the side bar.

let me explain.

when i first started online shopping, it was a whole new world to me. i had no idea where to go, what to do, nor did i understand any of it. I KNOW I'M JAKUN OK!!!!!

so as i started experimenting( uh hum.... shopping.. ) with my new found interest, i stumbled upon these thee sites that till today i hold very dear to my heart..

1. diary of an e- shopaholic.

this girl is amazing. she is still a student yet she is just about second to none when to comes to her updates on all the new happenings of the e shopping world. she was also the first one to do a review on foxydy which lead many of you here. and for that i will always be grateful to her.

if you need a guide on the e shopping world.. she is your girl. from boutique links, to whats hot... she has it all.

2. a shopaholic's den.

ahh... now this girl is the girl who gave foxydy its final push. i met up with her one day for coffee and we chatted. and when i told her i wanted to start my own blog with fashion tips and advice, she told me to go for it. :)

she is the original girl who roped the blogs together to get some sort of order into the e shopping world. :) check her out.

3. your shopping kaki.

true to her word, she really is like a shopping kaki. hers is the blog i visit to get all the details about bazaars.. she's so super friendly that it is extremely easy to fall in love with her blog ... :) if u need anything about bazaars, in my opinion she's the best.

do take a look at all three blogs. i love all three to bits :) they make my e shopping world complete.

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