Sunday, 14 June 2009

5 things a grown woman should never wear.

sure we all see that celebrity that breaks the normal fashion "rules" and still manages to look fabulous. But then again.. remember that these people have a stylist with them on speed dial... someone who lives to make sure these people look good no matter what...

most of us ain'tso lucky huh?

so here's a compliation of a few simple rules any girl should stay away from........

1. overalls.
seriously? overalls??these belong in the farm. amongst the cows and sheep (well.. kambings to be more exact)...
anyone who thinks they can get away with overalls needs a HUGE wakeup call...

2. Pigtails

Plastic surgery, not pigtails, is the only way to go if you successfully want to shave 20 years off your face: pigtails on anyone well out of their teens just looks like a bad attempt at girlishness. A single ponytail, on the other hand, is considered almost universally flattering on women of all ages.

3. knee socks..

*shudders* knee socks should be kept for just a few things. a) haloween b) a stripper outfit and c) if you're under 5years of age.
anything other than these three.. and you know you've gone seriously wrong.. or your stylist/"friend" was playing a cruel joke when she said" oh wowwww......"

4. tie dyed anything.

repeat after me: TIE DYE is not in. never will be and never was!!!
unless you're kid made you a tie dye skirt in her very first arts and crafts class... please stay away from this look. it make u look like u went into the Paddle Pop factory and rolled around in the Rainbow icecream.

5. FUR

i dunno about the rest of you. but wearing a poor slain animal is just bad Karma!

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