Tuesday, 16 June 2009

spot the difference

you know when you look at the newstands.. and see the colourful magazines with all the gorgeous woman/men on it.. and you think to yourself.... darn... it wish my skin/hair/lips/eyes/ears/toes.... glowed like that..
and then we have a little whisper in our head which says...

"yea la.. they must spend millions on their beauty to look like that" and we snort and look away.

u know we're all guilty of it. come on...

but the thing is.. most of these celebs look like normal people do. TRUST ME BEFORE U HUFF AND CLOSE THIS SCREEN!!!!!!

take a look at some of the brightest stars below. and what their normal shots look like before they fall into the hands of photoshop geniuses.....

1. the freakishly even and glowing skin tone
2. the freckles are GONE
3. shinier lips
4. glassy bluer eyes
5. blonder hair

1. hair looks volumised and Glossy
2. even skin tone and glow
3. even her top's colour looks more attractive
4. skin looks taught
5. her weird bone sticking out isn't so prominent.
she's still super sexy though huh?

1. her hips, legs and waist have been cropped to anorexic size
2. skin tone, hair tone are all lighter and glowing
3. her arms and legs are more toned
4. she has that angelic( yea right.. remember dirttyyy?) glow on the sheets.. which is supposed to be sunlight?
5. u know what really drew me to this pic though... look at how small they made her waist.... kinda makes u wanna snap her into half.

1. her skin tone is much lighter
2. her arms are toned
3. her boobs fuller
4. her waist MUCH smaller
5. her butt MUCH smaller
6. her cellulite ALL GONE (wish it was so easy for the rest of us huh?)

the queen. she really is timeless isn't she? (well apparently not....)
1. the wrinkles
2. the skin and hair
3.the toned muscles
4.the tight skin
5. the eye bags
6. the leotard colour

so come on people.. they do have the problem we have as well.. they just got the guy to make em look like they don't ...

how convenient.

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