Monday, 29 June 2009

the faceoff!!

you would think that since these celebs have VERY well paid and possibly VERY well fed stylists, they wouldn't have the embarrassment of having to wear something someone has already been paparazzied (new word i came up with. means: been snapped, spoken about and almost forgotten.. almost.)

but nope. here are a few offenders.. and yes.. i wanna see who looks better!!

Amanda VS Paris

i have to say i'll give this one to Amanda. her sexy hair, cute booties and shiny legs give her two thumbs up in my books. Paris looks almost matronly. what is with that pose??? maybe i'm just not used to seeing her so covered up??

Paris VS Emma not much to say. i think Paris looks GHASTLY. like she broke her mirror and none of the hilton hotels could provide her one fast enough.

KIM VS Ginnifer

I say Kim wins this one. The dress itself is pretty and its decent. So why pair it with leggings again?? Being a white ruffles dress, wearing your hair up is a bit of a risk of looking old. laying it easy and sexy like Kimmy it a safer bet with a dress like this.

Kelly VS Kate
definately Kate. With a slender tall figure these dresses look and fall better. It makes Kelly look stumpy and curveless.
Anna VS Heidi

I dun understand why Anna dressed a perfectly beautiful dress up with that kind of a jacket? Take the jacket off and the look may have been rescueable. so yes. definately the supermodel wins this one.
Superstar VS Supermodel

Again the supermodel. J Lo, although having impeccable taste in clothes (cant say the same thing about men) has a slip up or two every decade or so. This outfit makes her look matronly. i hate the bag she's carrying. delivering someone's post J Lo??
so do you agree with me or disagree? drop me a note! ;)

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