Thursday, 25 June 2009

flip flop or thong.

as malaysians, we get our very first pair of flip flops at a tender age of 3 or 4. the Bata slippers or famous/infamous Japanese slippers that we keep so dear to our hearts protect our little feet.. we wear them everywhere... to the playground, to grandma's house, to steal mango from the neighbours house, to go to the shop...

and we never grow out of them.

every time our faithful slipper gives way, we go back to a store, buy another pair and jump straight into them. :)

but as we grow, our fashion sense developed. from the frocks we wore. (and we though we looked soooo pretty... like a ffaaaiiirrryyy) to the school uniform, (silly hot stuffy things!) to the hot pants (woo... adventurous a bit) to the now sunday dresses and heels... the flip flops never really died out did they?
but there really must be some kind of rules no? when it comes to this lovable duo? so these are some of the rules i follow.. personally..

where to wear flip flops.

1. supermarket
4.classes (Who bothers to dress?)
5.daily errands
6.park (wait. if its for a date then NO. keep reading. if its to walk your dog/sibling then yes. )
7. anywhere with water.

where not to wear flip flops.
1. WORK(unless u have a job thats really casual)
2. Restaurants with cloth napkins
3. Red carpet events (prom, gala dinners.. fancy pansy stuff)
4. Churches
5. Funerals
6. Out-of-office business meetings
7. First dates and blind dates (actually just the first few dates in general)
8. and of course, the white house. :)

What to Wear with Flip-Flops
Casual shorts
Very casual short skirts (think denim minis)

for the rest of the attire... i present to you.. the beautiful alternative. the PRETTY THONG!!!!! (NO la i aint talking about underwear!!!)

the pretty thong sandal is a dressier alternative to the flip flop. its casual yet trendy. and OH SO COMFY. in fact, Vincci, Nose and Viss seem to have some good ones... check them out. :)

What to Wear with Pretty Flat Thong Sandals
Casual skirts
Lightweight pants
Casual dresses

not only will they look polished and stylo, they also are kind to your aching feet. so go on.... cheat on the flipies. :)

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