Friday, 26 June 2009

part 2. work it with a magic wand

your eyelashes make your peepers look stunning. women all over the world yearn for long beautiful lashes.

the way i see it... there are two alternatives.


personally i choose to work with what i have. not that i dun believe in falsies... but after trying them a couple of times, i find they are not only hard to wear myself... but i feel like there is something perpetually on my eye. but thats just personal opinion.

so yes... mascara.

Mascara is perhaps the most important but difficult type of makeup to use. Mascara is extremely useful because there are not many other products that can produce as stunning an effect as this type of makeup.

Many people think that choosing the right mascara (one that will produce beautiful, thick, long, and well-separated lashes) is all about choosing the right brand, but this is not necessarily true. The mascara brush or the magic wand as i like to call it is at least as important as the brand of makeup. The mascara brush is so important that rather than patenting their mascara formulations, many top cosmetic companies actually patent their brushes, instead.

What type of brush do you need?

When you apply your mascara, the type of brush you use, the length of the bristles and the space between the bristles are a few important factors that determine how your lashes will look when you are done.

The shape of the brush is important too. You get a different effect with a curved mascara brush than you do with a straight one. So what type of brush do you need when you are hoping to recreate a particular effect?

*To achieve the thick lashed-look your ideal brush has bristles that are fairly close together. If you have sparse-looking lashes and want to thicken them up, this brush is for you.

*For longer lashes choose a brush with longer bristles. The extra length will help you extend the tips of your lashes, for a luscious, long-lash look.

*To reduce lash clumping your mascara brush should have bristles that are spaced quite widely-apart. Note that this is the exact opposite of the type of brush that thickens your lashes.

*For even coverage across your entire lash line, go for a curved mascara brush. These help you achieve more even coverage because they can coat more of your lashes at the same time.

*To help you cover all your lashes including those hard-to-reach lashes at the corner of your eyes, choose a straight brush. This is especially good for people with lashes which are short baby hairs.

What else should you look for when shopping for mascara?

The brush is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing mascara, but it’s not the only thing. Here are some quick tips to think about the next time you’re buying mascara.

If your lashes are brittle and prone to shedding, or you have sensitive eyes, try a hypoallergenic mascara formulation, or one which contains lash conditioners to help your lashes stay healthy.

Try lengthening mascara if your lashes are thick and short, or thickening mascara if your lashes are sparse.

Waterproof mascara is a must if you’re attending a potentially emotional event such as a wedding, or if you’re planning to swim.

credits to : jennifer bailey. articlebase.

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