Friday, 26 June 2009

the peeker and the frame (part 1)

after staring at celeb's pictures every single day and being an obsessive E!watcher (my boyfriend wanted to cancel E! and i threw a "you don't support anything i do!!" line at him........ harsh....) i noticed something.

after looking at soo many, one starts to realize that although the clothes on these celebs change, a few things can make or break their outfit. and one big important (or two) aspect is the windows to their soul. :)

so todays (AND TOMORROW'S) topic is how the rest of us "imperfect" earthlings can hope to make the most of our peekers (the eyes) and their frame (eyebrows)

lets start with the frame.


get your eyebrows in shape ladies. and please don't go crazy with the tweezers!!!! According to eyebrow expert Anatasia Soare , here are some tips for grooming your brows like a star:

* Never underestimate your brows“They can make eyes look larger and bring up your cheekbones if they’re shaped correctly.”

* Beware of the arch“If you over tweeze there you’ll look surprised all the time.”

* Don’t remove too much between your eyes, either“That center space should be about the same size as one of your eyes.”
* Thicker is better“After years of me screaming at clients to leave their brows thicker, they’re listening!” says Anastasia, “Those eyebrows are feminine, sexy and timeless.”

also, invest in a good eyebrow pencil. Pick a colour that matches your hair colour the closest so you don't look comical with two different colours. Its a CARDINAL mistake to walk around with different coloured eyebrows and hair. WEIRD.

spend some time carefully filling in colour into your eyebrows for a thicker line but don't over do it please!!!

TIP: fill in the colour with soft strokes following the way the hair grows. so the pencil colour looks natural like little hairs.

the eye itself.

don't go out somewhere looking hungover with bloodshot eyes. the prettiest eyes are clear and rested. if you did have a long night and your eyes are looking hung over too, pop a tea bag over it or a slice of cucumber. u know this routine.. its a lifesaver.

also, when it comes to make up please ladies, don't look like a Christmas bobble or anything resembling an animal. The aim is to have well defined soft makeup. Harsh lines don't blend. You gotta be very careful to not take runway makeup onto the streets.

wait for part 2 tomorrow!! mascara, eye lashes and the know hows. :)

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