Thursday, 18 June 2009

maxi for tiny.

i love a good looking maxi dress. it saves your tush like your favourite pair of jeans does... but in a more feminine way i guess... throw it on, slip on a bracelet and you're good to go... take a look at some of our favourite gals..

but while maxi's look great on gals who are lanky... (HRMPH.. jelous..) tiny girls (like me!! ) are not getting in on the fun.. :( maxi dresses more often than not seem to swallow our petite frame making us look like we're dorwning in fabric...

so here are some tips which may be useful to us tinies..

1. While Rachel Bilson and Keira Knightly look great in their flowing gypsy skirts, this shape can make a short silhouette even shorter and wider. Choose a style that is well cut and avoid tent-like diaphonous skirts, to prevent being swamped.

2. In Zoe Manzi’s Daily Mail article, “Maxi dresses – the must-haves this summer “, she advises shorter women to “avoid being drowned by your maxi by making sure your dress is well cut and in proportion with your petite frame. Keep things fitted up top and avoid an overly voluminous skirt.”

3. “To stop a full, long skirt from swamping you, teem it with chunky heels and a fitted waistcoat.” is the fashion advice from In Style magazine, UK Edition April 2007.

4. Choose a close fitting empire line maxi dress which flatters most figures.
Choose a sleek, stylish A-line or bias cut, as this style flatters shorter silhouettes

5. For extra height, dresses can be accessorized with patent platforms, wedges or feminine toe-covered sling backs. Set-off these dresses with long, chunky jewelery and this season’s over sized shades and bags.

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