Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fashion resolutions for 2011

So while we are all still contemplation on what our new year resolutions should be, i thought i could contribute to that thought process but adding in some of my own observations on what some of us really could benefit on for the year 2011.

Fashion wise, of course.

1. Never buy something when you know, you have something very close to it. Or two of the same thing in different colors.
 Women's Clothing

You will never end up wearing both outfits together, coz they will look similar. And then you'll either end up not wearing one of it, or having to deal with the tedious task of spacing them out, with different outfits in between. Its unnecessary hassle. (does not apply to wardrobe basics)

2. Fashion yes. But comfort is Essential.

As much as we see the runway models and Hollywood celebrities in their ridiculous heels, Skimpy outfits and super poofed hair, please keep this in mind. That is their JOB! It is their Job to look the way they look. So when the rest of us "normal beings" dress, it actually is comfort that should come above fashion!

Besides, the true fashionista is the one who can look super chic while being super comfy.

3. Always experiment with what you already have.

Every time i have some hours to spare, i pull things out of my wardrobe and start mixing and matching. This way i find i can come up with outfits that i never wore together. :) So without having to spend extra cash, i have new looks!

4. Fashion does not have to be expensive.

I Budget shop. Meaning, i spend most of my time at FOS, bazaars and sale racks. However, by doing so, i dress as i like without having to compromise on my shopping habits, and my bank account is hardly damaged.

Fashion does not have to be expensive. Looking good does not have to cost you a nerve wrecking credit card bill. Whether its a pasar malam t-shirt, or a Prada number, knowing your body type and dressing in things which you genuinely love (and not coz its a brand name) will always convey an energy of confidence. check out Angelina's $26 dress.

Which is very sexy.

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