Tuesday, 4 January 2011

How is runway looks wearable fashion?

Most people associate Fashion with what is seen on runways. So they think "crazy and over the top" is what fashion in meant to be. Believe me, you should see the looks of horror i get from my brothers/father/boyfriend who are forced to watch my fashion shows.

The thing is, fashion seen on the runways, is toned down for the buyer who wears it on the streets. So people actually don't buy a dress that looks like this.

So the next time you see something on the runway and think.. " who's ever going to wear that??? Remember that what you see on the runway is just supposed to be an exhibition of what the clothes are in the designers mind.
walking pieces of art.

When clothes are off the runway, the designer revamps and tones them down to suit the client who has bought the garment. :)

Designers look at the client and make whatever suitable changes that have been requested.

makes way more sense now doesn't it? :)

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