Monday, 17 January 2011

less is more (Part 1)

Credits to: Anusyia Rajantra & Prthiv Raj

So I’m currently sitting in our family cottage all the way in Bentong and am at a loss of ideas on what to write today. So i turn to one very fashionable cousin sister and one grumpy, bread-eating brother for ideas.

The one thing that the both of them agree on, is that sometimes, less is definitely more.

Anu: Less is more is about being a minimalist.

Prthiv: Now girls, don’t flip out on me here. This doesn’t mean you have to run around in your undies. That’s just too easy ;)

Okay back to fashion. Less is more is definitely a phrase we are all used to hearing when it comes to fashion. But its not something we necessarily think about consciously? Its just easier to pile on things. I personally think it takes less brain work to wear more than less. ;)

So break this down into a few parts that will hopefully make life a little easier for all of us.

1. Accessories – As the great Coco Chanel once said,

“before leaving, look at yourself in the mirror and take one thing off”.

That’s was her rule for the minimalist concept. When it comes to accessories, you don’t have to wear the whole happy family (earrings, necklace,bracelets, anklets, nose stud, flashy hangbag etc etc….. ) all at once.

Basic Rule: Pick two items that compliments your outfit. Wearing less will allow each accessory to get the attention it deserves instead of just blending into everything else.

2. Hair – Great haircut, nice colourjob. The two things you need for great looking hair. Your hair is something you need to wear everyday. By sticking to basics like a good haircut and a nice colouring, your hair will stay healthy and fashionable under any circumstance.

Things such as weaves, clip ins, hair curling/straightening and accessories should be used for occasions. Not everyday. Not only will this keep your hair healthy, it saves major time.

3. Make up – Pick one focal point on your face. Be it your eyes, lips or cheeks. By flaunting one feature, you attract more attention compared to piling on the colours to every part of your face.

4. Nails – Ladies, as much as having glitter bobbles on your nails is nice, after a while, TAKE THEM OFF ALREADY! Simple nails are often the nicest. Long extensions are actually sort of creepy and people are more scared of them than pleased.

In this case, LESS IS definitely MORE.

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