Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Less is more (Part 2)

So i purposely left out clothing in my last post as i felt that cramming all this info into the same post will just be a little too much.

So here we are. Less is More (Part 2) The Clothes.

1. Prints

Overdoing prints is one of the most common mistakes people make when attempting this trend. Generally, a few basic rules should be,

a) Wear one type of print at a time

b) Wear one piece of print at a time

Wearing print from head to toe is just mostly painful on the eyes.

2. Colors

While experimenting with color is always encouraged, sometime going over board is just too much. If you're going for a color you're not too sure about, pair it with white, black or skin tones. By toning down the other colors in your outfit, you allow the strong color to take center stage and not compete with the others.

A cool trick, is also that by wearing less colors and darker tones, it immediately makes you look slimmer!

3. Shapes

Fashion comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes now days. However, if you are going for a fashion forward look, make sure that the outfit does not have too many outrageous shapes. As a simple rule, two shapes in any outfit is already cutting it thin. Both shapes in this case, must normally be symmetrical to each other. Pls look below for examples of DOs and DON'Ts. Again, no points for guessing which are which.

4. Skin

As i keep preaching in most of my blog posts, showing skin is not the only way to "dress up". I know so many girls who think when they go clubbing, the shortest skirts, lowest neckline and the highest heels have to come out of the closet.

In this case ladies, less is so much more. Showing less skin actually leaves an air of mystery to your body leaving even the least sensual exposed part of your skin to ooze sex appeal.

Even celebs make mistakes sometimes.

But in reality, its the people who don't show too much that we keep waiting to see. :)

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RKD said...

Love it! You create simple, right-to-the-point fashion education.... just what we need!! :) Kudos Kutty! Muah.