Friday, 15 May 2009

top 6 beauties..

we all do it dont we?

we look at the new pair of shoes/bag/dress/top/jeans/belt............................

and we think... oh.. my.. g*d. i have to have that.

and then we make up the excuses.

1. its the last one in my size. THATS A SIGN!!!

2. I've searched alllllllll over for one that i like (when u know thats a lie ... )

3. i just finished work/school/exams/helping someone. i deserve a treat. *pout*

4. its calling out to me..

5. it matches that dress i never wear coz i have ABSOLUTELY nothing to match it......

and the best one yet...


so this post is a list. of the top 6 fashion ESSENTIALS every MALAYSIAN girl has to have. u know how u read those glossy fashion magazines and they tell u that a WINTER TRENCH COAT is an essential... and i think to myself... in THIS country?????

so ladies. this is the foxydy malaysian list...

remember if its not on this list..... u can't use excuse No 6. :)

Number one.

A classic handbag which will carry u from night to day in a wink.

Gosh i love Vicki Beckham. how this woman manages to look extremely "wow" every time she walks out amazes me.

Her bag is a Hermes birkin costing up to $4000. most of us will have to sell our entire wardrobe to afford one of that bags. and then live on RM1 nasi lemak for a few months.....

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Number 2

the dirty stilettos.

its all about the legs isnt it? i love shoes. love how they make a saggy butt oh-so-delicious right after u slip on a pair of these babies...

and how sexy they make u feel. yes they take practice. and a whole lot of pain... but gosh... who doesnt love these babies..

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Number 3


of course this is here. need i say more? :)
we all have them. long, short, ruffles, clean.. and we still cant get enough of them eh....

thanks to audrey... hepburn that is... the LBD is a global phenomenon. and us malaysians love our little LBD huh... soo cantik....

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Number 4

The sexy mini

the malaysian wardrobe sex symbol. Finding the right mini is like finding a best friend. Its tough to find the perfect fit.. but once you've found it... it was all darn worth it.

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Number 5

skinny jean

ah... we blame Kate Moss for this one. Skinny has never looked so good. It f flaunts girls with curves and give curves to the ones who want more.
its taken malaysia by a strom no? suddenly everyone has a pair.. or two... or three.... *blush*

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Number 6

the casual dress

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this is the life saver. when in doubt, whether its to that party u ain sure is a casual affair or a dressy one, or to take the boyfriends parents to dinner... number 6 always saves your cute tush.

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tyong said...

Honey, a Birkin starts at about RM32000 (This is a rough estimate, depending on where you buy and is the cheapest one), and costs up to a few hundred thousand pounds (Would you like that in rare crocodile skin, madam. Or perhaps covered in diamonds for the perfect bag that screams "I'm RICH, ROB ME NOW!").

I only just got your fb message and started reading posts in random fashion. SO glad to know you're alive and well and writing about fashion, of all things!