Wednesday, 1 June 2011

eye make up for the daytime!

I was at lunch yesterday with a girlfriend and a very well dress lady walked by us. So immediately i was very curious about her. I kept looking at her (discreetly of course! I don't wanna get my butt kicked or anything ;)  and while i was mesmerized with her dressing and heels, when she took off her sunnies, i was immediately put off.

She has soooo much eye make up on it looked like she stepped out of Wonderland where she was married to the Mad Hatter!! (ok thats a bit mean, but honesty is one of the principals of this blog right? )

It got me thinking. We are all so good at make up and imitating what we see on the runway, have we forgotten that certain looks are only meant for night time and a club? What really is appropriate for the day time?

Eye Make up for the Day

1. Eyebrows should be kept neat and well groomed. Ladies, these are the curtains to the windows to your soul (yes i know how corny that sounded). Get yourself to a good saloon and get your eyebrows groomed! it makes a ton of difference, You immediately look more attentive and polished.

Get a eyebrow pencil and lightly colour in your eyebrows. DO NOT GO OTT!! Your eyebrows should be just dark enough to be pleasantly noticed.

2. Eye Shadow should be kept in neutral or pastel shades. Sticking to these shades is a safe sure bet. However, do experiment with louder colors but keep the rest of the eye makeup to a minimal.

3. Eyeliner should be single clean lines. The smoky eye look should be kept for the club and a night out. Not for the day time!! There is no actual reason to pile on the liner during the day!! Your objective for th day is to look intelligent and attentive. NOT SULTRY!

4. Fake eyelashes are really, in my opinion, unnecessary during the way. However, if you insist on wearing them, make sure they are natural looking. You may want to buy the separated strands and add them to your natural lashes instead of using the whole thing.

Remember, Intelligent & Attentive , not Sexy and Sultry!

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