Wednesday, 22 June 2011

what to wear to watch a performance

Show time. 

Those two little words are enough to send shivers up my spine. I love show business. I love it with all my heart and soul. 

As you probably already know, I have been busy as a mad bee with my production's rehearsals. In case you didn't know, i am one of the dancers in Nitya Sumangali playing in KL PAC this week, (22nd June - 26th June 2011). Click here for more info:

ok. promo over. :)

Back to the post. I know in Malaysia especially, lots of people wonder how to dress when going to see a performance. Watching a play or a dance performance in Malaysia is (unfortinately) not a every weekend affair. So I find that Malaysians  are very often lost when it comes to what to wear. 

At first when i did the first draft of this post, i did my usual Do's and Don'ts post. But then after reading it, i realized that i wanted this post to be a little closer to home. 

So this is what I'm going to do. In my books, there are 3 major venues I watch live performances in KL. I am not saying that these are the only 3. I am saying these are the ones i am familiar with and therefore dare to comment on. ;) 

1. Istana Budaya -

Our premier Arts Center for Malaysia, Istana Budaya is a sight to behold. Most of the biggest productions to visit our humble country show at Istana Budaya. 

What to Wear

Istana Budaya itself is a class above everyone else. When choosing to attend an event, if the invitation says "Istana Budaya" under Venue, you follow a simple rule.


This is a place where you could wear a flowing gown and other then a few people who will raise an eyebrow to wonder where you got the dress, you will probably fit right in. :)

Bring out the fancy dresses, pretty heels and pearls. This venue is all about Class. Also, make sure your dress is comfortable for you to sit down in as you will be sitting for at least an hour. But with Istana Budaya shows, they normally have intermissions :)

You could also opt to wear something more traditional with this venue. To have a more cultural experience. I love wearing a fancy Kebaya or a beautiful saree to these shows.  It doesn't matter what show you're seeing. Traditional outfits  are universally accepted at fancy events.


a. Istana Budaya tends to a bit chilly at times so have either a shawl or a boyfriend handy ;)
b. This venue is a little more conservative to please dress Conservative. Don't bring out the dress with the highest slit , the lowest plunge or the shortest hemline. 

2. KLCC Convention Center -

This venue is a little more business-like compared to Istana Budaya. Connected to our Pride and Joy, the Twin Towers, KLCC Convention Center hosts mostly conferences and trade shows. However, they also sometimes play host to orchestra performances, musicals, etc. 

What to Wear

With KLCC, the dress code is still quite formal but I would recommend adding a business twist to it. Because its in the City Center, expect a lot of walking from your carpark, to KLCC itself. The venue is massive and it will require you to have some sort of directional skills as it is pretty easy to get a little flustered looking for your Hall. 

Try knee length dresses, pant suits and pretty skirts. Shoes should be comfy. And after the show, your friends are most likely to want to get a drink (you are in KLCC after all!!) so make sure you wear something that can take you from Show mode to Night-out mode easily. 

a) Long walk from your car to your Hall. Wear good shoes. 
b) Wear something formal and easy to blend in for a night out on town. Just in case. 

3. KL PAC -

KL PAC's dress code is : WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. :)

Wear anything as long as its comfy. But please lahhhh. Just coz they are so laid back please don't come in your pajamas. With KL Pac, i would recommend Laid-Back and Chic. 

Bring out the floral dresses, nice skirts and even jeans with pretty tops. Flats are absolutely fine in KL PAC. The atmosphere here is friendly and laid back. 

KL PAC has stages where you will need to climb the stairs to the seats. Beware of flashing your underwear if you are wearing a short skirt. :)

Hope this post helps put some minds at ease :)

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