Friday, 17 June 2011

the rules people make.

I am feeling incredibly flattered and loved at the moment. After reading the words of encouragement and the rage of people i know, and people i don't know, to response to the earlier post by Jerine Lay, I must say, I’m pretty impressed Foxydy has received so much attention.

Honestly, i didn't think so many people read Foxydy. It’s really surprising to me. And the fact that some of you took the time to comment, post and email about it makes me feel truly blessed.

Thanks guys. ;)

Her post made me think. I know it was supposed to make me angry, or hurt me. I guess that was the intention of it. But the truth of it is. It really just made me think.

It made me think about all the rules people make and impose on their lives. In order to conform to something they imagine being right, or rather, desirable. I cannot imagine having to force myself to put on make-up before anyone sees me. Neither can I imagine having to put on my highest heels just to have the world at my feet.

How in the world does one girl differ from another so vastly? And why in the world, would someone not conforming to the same rules she has imposed on herself, enable such emotion that would drive her to write about it so nastily?

What was interesting about Jerine’s post, was the fact that she truly believes in what she is saying. She believes in all she said in her post. She believes.

See this is what IRKs (my new favourite word!) me about the Fashion industry. Women are so bombarded with the media forever telling us what is right and what is wrong that we start to take these little messages we hear and make them into rules.

“You have to wear heels to be sexy”
“You have to wear a Brand Name”
“Your dress must be better than your friend’s”
“You have to hate the girl that has the same dress as you”

And we impose these rules upon ourselves. Rules made in the field of Fashion, where the Brand Powerhouses are God, and their rules are the Commandments.

So my question is simple. Why?

Why would you make what these Powerhouses say is Right, into rules you live your life by? Remember, this is the industry that is more fickle than a paperdoll being kicked in the wind.

I think it just makes life way more stressful. Like I said before, Fashion to me, is what I make of it. No rules. Just what I feel like at that moment.

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