Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Super Style - Most Stylish Superheros

Sorry for the massive delay in posts. I have been feeling very uninspired lately. No ideas why. But then i saw a picture of a Superhero on my friends FB wall and i was reminded of my Addiction for Marvel. I LOVE MARVEL comics. Not to mention they have some very very awesome superheros (Ironman, Wolverine, Thor, drooollllll....)

So this is my list of some of the most Fashionable Superheros i've enjoyed watching at as a Kid :)

Credits: http://stylishthought.com &  http://www.comicvine.com. 

1. Wonder Women - DC Comics, first appears in All-Star Comics #8

This one is a given. Who else can pull of a patriotic leotard, powerful metal cuffs and tiara all while lassoing a whip and managing to not have a hair out of place. I absolutely love how strong and sexy she is.  

2. Storm - Marvel, first appears in Giant-Size X-Men #1

In some variations Storm wears all white, a two piece and even all black leather. But her signature that no artist can change is her long white locks. Forget Anderson Cooper, Storm is the original silver fox. Controlling the weather at a whim (we really need her during this heatwave) she wears her gray hair with pride. Not to mention, extra points, as Halle Berry is a DE-LICIOUS Storm.

3. The Joker - DC Comics, first appearance Batman #1.

This joker had eccentric style by the case load (not to mention mental issues). What man do you know can pull off white Kabuki makeup and red lips? All while being pathologically crazy and rocking a purple overcoat.
Well, maybe this man.
he should be a superhero too. sorry. i digress.

4. Sailor Moon - TokyoPop, first appeared in Sailormoon #1.

She is the one named Sailor Moon. How can you have a style list and not include Sailor Moon. Schoolgirl uniforms that transformed into tart skirts, long blonde pigtails and red go-go boots. I am convinced she was the start of the Harajuku, K-Pop etc Revolution!!
5. Catwoman - DC Comics, first appeared in Batman #1

Black leather, cat ears, tall black boots and I’m talking the original felines (not Ms. Berry, Ms. Berry. I still cant get over how bad that film was. But Kudos to Berry for being awesome as usual.  It earned Oscar-winner Berry a "razzie" award for Worst Actress. She accepted the "award" in person and publicly apologized for how bad the film was. How classy).

Way before fitted black leather was fashion’s staple, Catwoman was the original fierce superhero and she still is.

6. Ironman - Marvel, first appeared in Tale of Suspense #39

Tony, tony,tony. Marry me. Those would be my first words to Tony Stark if i ever met him. Before i pass out. I love this character's wardrobe. Clean pressed suits and simple ties. This is the man with a fashion sense that seems to be the past, present and the future all at once.

So there you have it folks. My most fashionable superheros :) Saving the world and managing to look Kick ass while doing it (No pun intended).

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