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How to Hide Heavy Hips

Being "Bootylicious" isn't all the fun Beyonce makes it out to be. Trust me, i bet Beyonce's stylist has a harder time than Heidi Klum's stylist.

For a woman with bigger hips and bum, finding a skirt, top or jacket that fits her frame can be a challenge. Many of these curvaceous women have pear shapes, which means they have narrow shoulders and larger hips.

A pear shaped figure is not something you should complain about; instead you should embrace your awesome curves and celebrate them with the right clothes.

Credits: Jaimie Zinski, eHow Contributor


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  2. Wear dresses that are tighter on the top and flow out toward the mid-section, such as an empire-waisted dress. Stay away from dresses that are made from clingy material, such as polyester and dresses that contain embellishments around the hip area. Embellishments, if any, should be focused around the neckline, sleeves or the empire waistline to distract the attention away from your hips. Take a cue from a golden girl.


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      Avoid wearing any top or bottom with horizontal stripes. These accentuate the width of a woman's hips, making them appear larger than they really are. Check out this picture below. Need i say more?
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      Choose a pair of pants that have wide legs, hang just below the belly button and are a dark color, . All of these will accentuate a woman's curves without making the hips appear too large. Stick with jeans that are a darker wash as well. The dark coloring will help create the illusion of slimmer hips.

      When wearing darker colors, you can experiment with cuts as the color itself will camouflage heavy hips.

      With pants, its all about the balance. If you are wearing a lighter colored pant, make sure the cut allows your hips to look proportionate to the rest of your legs.
      Avoid pants that have a lot of details or ornaments at the back as this will highlight your big hips and you will be having opposite effect of what you desire to achieve.

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      Choose blouses, tops and jackets that have embellishments and bold patterns. These will draw the eyes upwards toward the top half of the body. Looser flowy tops in light weight materials will do justice as well as they will help create an illusion of proportion between your upper body and your hips.

      When it comes to tops, Length is everything. You want to pick out a top that hugs your figure but hits you right in the middle of your bum or lower ONLY. Do not pick mid riff tops or shorter tops. These will only emphasize your bigger hips.

      Layering works as well. A loosely wrapped cardigan or jacket that hits just below the bum or longer will help hide your problem area. However, make sure the more flowy ones are belted at the waist to give avoid looking bigger than you really are!!

      Again as with dresses, when choosing a trench, make sure the tightest part is your upperbody and it has lines that fall to flatter your figure.

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      Avoid wearing clothing that is too large. Many women believe that baggy clothing will hide larger hips. In actuality, baggy clothing makes hips look larger than their actual size. Wear well fitted clothes. But please remember, tight does not mean skanky. It means well fitted. Pick classy tight pieces that hug your figure and accentuate your curves. Not make them IN-YOUR-FACE.

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      Wear accessories, such as a scarf, earrings or a bracelet. These will draw attention towards those areas of the body and away from the hip region. But remember, if you are choosing belts, only choose belts that sit on your waist, the smallest part of it and make sure the lines after that flare out. You Do no want a hipster belt. It will only draw most attention to wider hips.

      After writing this post, i am so inspired to write more posts for these Bootylicious babes. So this is just a first post. I will be writing more posts with more details soon!! Keep a lookout!!

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