Monday, 4 April 2011

he's there and you're here? Perfect.

Long distance is a bitch.

Even with all the technology in the world, Not having that special someone close enough to touch is a constant ache to the heart. But i guess sometimes, circumstances get in the way and we all have to deal with distance.

This post if for the long distant-ers. Long distance is a pain yes. But there aint no reason not to make the most of it.

How to deal with a Long Distance Relationship, Fashion Wise.

1. Ditch the heels and go out with friends

Now that he's not around to appreciate how incredible your butt looks in the sky high heels, give your poor feet a rest and throw on some chic flats when you head out to go dancing with friends. Dress comfortably. The objective should be comfy chic :) just coz he aint around doesn't mean you have to go all hobo on the rest of the world.

This is the best time to re engage with your friends and remind them why they love you. By him being on the other side of the world, make time for friends that you haven't connected with in some time.

2. enjoy being with yourself

Spend time getting to know yourself again. Take a new class. Get to know your body and your limits. Whether its a new hobby, skill or art, use some of your new found time to re connect with yourself. Remember, you don't have to worry about him. He can take care of himself. Now its time to take care of you.

Very often, when women are in relationships, we neglect our growth. We forget to explore your new interests or we just don't seem to find the time. Remember, you need to know and love yourself before he can love and understand you.

3. try something fashionably wacky

Always wanted to dye your hair pink? Well now's the time to DO IT!!! I know, most girls wear their fashion to certain limits of their boyfriends likes and dislikes. Its basic human nature. As much as we say, we don''t care what he thinks, we know and love him and as such, tend to gravitate towards something that will get the best attention from him.

Well... now that he's not here.... TRY IT! Do or try the wacky thing you've always wanted. He wont be there to complain or roll his eyes. ;)

4. dont doll yourself up for skype dates

Do u really expect him to believe you just rolled out of bed?

Skype dates will probably rule your life for the time that he is away. But do not make the crucial mistake of thinking you need to look spectacular for every skype chat.

Making sure you look good for every skype chat will only put pressure on the conversation. You'll end up looking at yourself on the screen more than looking at him!! Don't be so concious! He loves you, no matter what you look like on skype. Remember, he's seen the real thing!! Enjoy talking to him and focusing on him on the screen instead of worrying of how you look.

5. work out

Now you have all this time, HIT THE GYM AND WORK OUT!! Spend time getting your body into shape. Remember, you'll be needing the stamina for the stints he is at home ;)

So remember ladies, while long distance is a bitch, there aint no reason you can't handle it like a champ. Just remember, honesty and commitment is the key :)

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