Friday, 8 April 2011

Group Buying; the smart girl's way to shop.

My brother was recently going on about how he bought a RM80 meal for RM20 and i was fascinated that he managed to even get a discount on that!! I was very impressed.

That was until he told me about group buying (and then my amazement at him vanished ;) and the new way to shop online. I know we are all so used to online buying by now that some of us can buy shoes online without batting an eyelid.

But group buying is simply awesome. This is how to works:

How Everyday Coupons Works?

1. We negotiate a bulk buy deal with Merchant.
Our business development crew negotiate for best deals. How do we obtain 50% and above discount? It is actually a bulk purchase discount by guarantee that a minimum number of purchase.
2. The deal is posted.
We advertise the great deal to our members & readers to purchase in the form of online coupons. With the power of collective buying, we work hard to achieve the minimum target set by retailers. Due to the fact that the deal is too good to be true, the deal sale is only for 24 hours - 72 hours.
3. Call Merchant to ask a question.
If you are interested to know more about the deal, you can call the retailer directly to enquire more about the coupon offered.
4. Buy Everyday Coupons
To purchase the coupon, you need to pay the coupon in advance with your credit card or using online bank transfer. We support offline banking or ATM cash debit too.
5. Get your friends & Family to buy
Now, all you have to do is wait till the minimum target (coupon sold) is reached. Once the target is reached, the deal is on and your card will be charged.
6. Receive Everyday Coupons via Email
After the coupon sale ended, we will be sending you the coupon by email to be printed out. A copy of coupon are store in your online account for safe keeping just in case you lost your coupon.
7. Enjoy Everyday Coupons you bought
Print out the coupon and redeem your coupon at retailer's address. Enjoy your discount.


Now, as much as they have these deals for almost everything, THIS IS A FASHION BLOG! The reason i decided to write about this on Foxydy is coz, after much pain staking research, (and an experiment purchase) i realized, that this is probably one of the best ways to buy beauty & pampering treatments for all you fashionistas out there ;)

Check out my experiment buy:

Hahah Deal: [61% off] Get beautiful skin with a 2 hours of Full-leg Waxing + Full-hand Waxing + Whitening Back Scrub + Underarms Whitening + Eyebrow threading for only RM 65 instead of RM166 at FACES Hair & Beauty Saloon, Bangsar. Hahah Rewards Multiplier: FREE Express Manicure worth RM25 after a total of 30 transactions! ( PS: yes, i got the free manicure too! Woot!!!)

thanks to (awesome site, check it out.)

This way of buying really seems to be the cheapest way to pamper yourself. The deals on the spas, massages, manicures, pedis, haircuts etc etc etc are; in simple words, freaking fabulous.

The sites offer big discounts on beauty treatments all the time. Why spend full amounts when you can buy on discount? The terms of the deals are great too. The vouchers are valid for at least a few months, they are transferable amongst people (good for gifts) , and above all, so easy to purchase. :)

So go ahead girls, (and guys ;) start saving your hard earned pennies by group buying!

Below is a list of links of Malaysian Group Buying sites. Have fun!! :)

Happy Cheap Buying!!! :)

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Lynette said...

Thanks for the shout out and we hope you will love the waxing session! :)

Tons of em out there in the market and the Msian market is definitely exploding with new competitors coming in on a daily basis. Truly creating a buyers market whereby ppl seek for deals before doing a particular activity - this trend is already happening in US & Australia.

With so much competition how does one stand out from the rest?

We at Hahah are differentiating ourselves with "Hahah Rewards Multiplier" so that customers get "Bonuses" once a certain no of ppl buy the deal. eg: get a free coffee after a total of 30 transactions (and yes, we did do that for our deal with Pacific Coffee in Feb).