Sunday, 24 April 2011

She's wearing the same dress!!

I've always been very intrigued about the social situation that is created when you see another girl walk into the room wearing the same dress u have on. Movies & Sitcoms have made us believe that above all, this is, the worst thing that could happen in your life.

Pffttt. Puh-Lease.

I Googled "What to do when someone else is wearing the same dress as you" and this is one of the posts i found. Now this really irritated me. As much as i try very hard not to judge, sometimes, in situations like this, people leave me no choice.

If you think about it, without all the rules and regulations of fashion created by the media that has successfully been implemented in our lives without realization, (dare i say it?) A dress is JUST A DRESS ladies.

*I think i just heard a million people scoff and close this window*

:) Think about it. A dress is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. Its supposed to hug the right places, show the right amount of skin and be in the color that suits you best. Its supposed to help you feel Good about yourself. The same garment, SHOULD NOT BE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DEPRESS YOU. For gods sake, if it had that kind of power, we should swap our Religious Leaders for our Fashion Designers.

So here are some tips on what you should be doing if a girl walks into the room wearing the dress u have on.

1) Point it out to your girlfriends

Yes. Point out the girl with the dress on to your girlfriends and smile about it. Make sure they know that you're okay with it and they will, if they are worthy friends, quickly reassure you how much more amazing you look in it. If you just pretend to not notice, this will quickly become an awkward situation.

2) At some point, catch the Girls eye and smile dazzlingly.

Trust me, she probably already noticed you and done No 1 with her friends. Now, you're at the crucial stage where you could both either have a good time, or have some hostile negativity about wearing the same thing on. By smiling at her, you're showing her that you noticed her but you just wanna make the best of this situation.

3) Go introduce yourself.

Think of it this way, if someone else is wearing the same dress as you are, she has the same amazing taste in fashion as you do. You definitely have to get to know her right? Go introduce yourself and pass her a compliment on her taste and style.

4) Now use the situation to your advantage!!

People love confident people. By taking charge of the situation positively, you have instantly become way more attractive to everyone (ahem, the hot men). Use the same dress situation to meet new people (her friends) or to start off conversations.

5) Finally, make sure you take some awesome pictures !! :)

So remember ladies, no matter how many people or who is wearing the same dress as you in the room, you can make the best of it!!

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