Monday, 27 December 2010

what the boys think. :)

sometimes when i see a fashionable girl on the streets, i say.. "wow that's so cool... "

but my boyfriend snorts and says.. "what is she wearing la? so weird wan... why her make up like dat??"

which made me think. how differently guys view things from girls. guys basically don't get fashion. we all know that don't we? they seem to lean towards conventional, pretty girls rather than independent, harsh fashionable looks.

mungkin they feel threatened? *sniggers.. *

but really.. take a look!!

"Her makeup enhances her features but it still looks really natural. Not like she has put too much work in. Plus, her shiny lips makes me want to kiss her." —Kevin.

"She has way too much makeup on and it's hard to kiss a girl when she's wearing all that lipstick." —Kevin. (Kevin just really wants to kiss her... hahaha)

"I love the smoky-eye look — it's so sexy. Plus she looks so fresh like she just rolled out of bed" (yea right!!) —Eric.

"Her eye makeup looks scary here, like she's from the movie Blade Runner." Kinda like a robot. Its so unnatural which is scary. like a kid drew on her—Eric
"I like the way her bangs frame her face and it doesn't look like she put a lot of effort into hair, which is a good thing. It makes me wanna play with her hair.. " —Erik.

"This look is too severe and deliberate for me. I prefer something softer." —Erik.

"This looks very natural and pretty. The soft curls are so sexy." —Ian.

"The hair reminds me a bit of Marge Simpson and looks like it has a lot of product in it. Yuck. " —Ian.

"An updo is nice if it's simple and elegant like the one in this picture." —Jeff.

"This hairstyle makes her look really severe and unapproachable." —Jeff.


MiJaH said...

yeah..i agree with u..boys are just clueless..

foxydy said...

hahaha... yea la babe.. its really sad huh? but then again... they have no fun dressing up since all they can wear is pants and shirts... so yea... don't expect them to relate la right?? haha