Monday, 6 December 2010

Personal styles with tights


Picking up from the last post on tip no 5, playing around with tights and finding your own style to wear them is the best way to go about this quirky fashion accessory. So below are some styles that we can all take cues from ;)



Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth looks every bit the part of a rockers wife/hip actress in her head to toe black ensemble. Her black tights keep this dark look from being broken up and adds extra drama.



Hilary Duff

Paired with a cute silk pattern dress and knee high boots, Duff looks cute and trendy in her black tights. They keep this look fresh and young, but modest at the same time. No risk of flashing any naughties with these things on…



Cate Blanchett

Like with Gwyneth’s look, Cate keeps her black ensemble going by pairing her outfit with black stockings. Black stockings make a formal dress look even more formal, but be wary of what color you pair it with: for an effective and classy look, only pair black stockings or tights with earth toned or muted formal wear.

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